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World\’s Greatest Dad

Bobcat Goldthwaite is awesome. Seriously. He always was– I still quote his standup occasionally from back in the day–but his latest movie kicks so much ass! It\’s called \”World\’s Greatest Dad\” — it stars Robin Williams (yes the premise was so cool sounding it made me overcome my Robin Williams dislike for a couple of hours) as an unpopular high school poetry teacher with a snotty perverted 15 year old son. The son eventually dies in a bizarre masturbation accident and RW covers it up by making it look like a suicide, writing out a profound suicide note that casts him as an unsung hero in his school. Since RW has always wanted to be a published author, but all of his books have gotten rejected, he really gets off on all the attention and forges a diary that he attributes to his son which makes people love the son all the more…

Basically, it\’s a sick, sick comedy that is AWESOME! It\’s like \”Heathers\” invades \”Dead Poet\’s Society.\” It was shown as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival, so Mr. Goldthwaite was there to introduce the film and answer questions at the end. He\’s still a totally funny guy. It\’s nice that Syracuse has someone on the Syracuse Walk of Fame that is not only cool, but actually from Syracuse! Is that even still there outside the Landmark Theater, because I totally can\’t find anything about it on the innerwebs.

Anyway, go see \”World\’s Greatest Dad\”– it\’s totally funny. Rock on.

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