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I’m a Lumberjack and I’m OK…

Today I committed great acts of deforestation. IT WAS AWESOME! Ok, so basically I cut down a metric buttload of maple saplings out of Jo & Stacy’s yard– they have this scrubby hillside where nobody has done anything in years, so there were a ton of maple trees being attacked by some kind of hardcore vine. We cleared out the trees and then I planted a bunch of stuff including an alpine garden which will ROCK! (har har har it’s a rock garden). We also put in a bunch of herbs and some veggies. Yay, gardening!

Yesterday I went to this giant garage sale in a nursing home in Watertown with Athena & Zфл   Zak oop, I accidentally hit the Russianifier on my keyboard– it kind of threw me off because I typed a phi and a pi, so I thought it was picking on Athena and typing in Greek! Anyway, I ended up buying this gigantic pink plastic dollhouse for $2. Why? I’m not sure. I thought maybe my Star Wars and Doctor Who guys could live in it. However, it is actually a Barbie Dream House, so it’s way too huge for them… and it is also like half the sizof my apartment. So, I gave it to Diana, who seems to really dig it. She’s only a year and 1/2, so she’s small enough to almost crawl inside it (she tried that a couple of times and got stuck). What she really liked was a piece of the Victorian-esque molding on the outside that fell off– she would open the front door, put the molding inside, close the door, walk around to the other side of the house, open the door, put the molding out onto the porch, close the door, walk around to the front of the house, and continue this. It was way cute. I wish I was that easily amused!

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