Best Overheard Conversation of Today:

May 20, 2009 at 1:26 am Leave a comment

I was in this office building in the elevator, when 2 guys in dress shirts and nice slacks came in. They were maybe in their early 20s, clean-cut, one white dude (kinda cute) and an Asian dude (not bad looking either, in that yuppie kind of way) and each carrying a stack of boxes of printer toner cartridges.

Dude 1: what are these anyway?

Dude 2: they’re like… toners.

Dude 1: yeah, but… what do they *do*?

Dude 2: uh… TONE. Duh.

*several moments of silence*

Dude 1: yeah, but what do they like, TONE?

Dude 2: I don’t know, like pictures n stuff.

This completely cracked me up, I’m not sure why. I mean, this world is full of really dumb people, even really dumb people wearing nice buisness attire. However, I’m not used to people of this dumb magnitude trying to appear this buisness-like in a professional setting. it was just… hilarious. They continued their Dude-Where’s-My-Car like banter all the way through the lobby and out the door. This is not what you normally find in a building filled with financial companies… or is it? Maybe this is why the economy is in such a state– Bill and Ted are the ones responsible for your printers!

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