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May 25, 2009 at 4:43 pm Leave a comment

So it turns out the malware removal thing I installed was actually a malware program itself, which had the same name as the *real* program I downloaded before to remove it, which is why Ad-Aware wouldn’t let it update. Wow, I’m such a retard sometimes! But really, it had the same name as the good one, so how was I to know? Pay attention, I guess. Or something. Duh. I feel really stupid.

It’s a gorgeous day and I have the day off! I’m recouperating from last night’s awesome concert– Moderat (Modeselektor and Apparat together). Wow was it FREAKING AWESOME!!!! There’s something about good German techno that is just so satisfying in every way. I danced like crazy (but not like the girls in day-glo tutus who were wearing glow in the dark bracelets) and am kind of sore today, but in a good way!

So, I think I’ve officially decided that I’m not going to attempt to be a Grown Up just yet; I’m going to continue to dance and have fun until I’m too old to stand. I don’t care if I’m That Person, the old wrinkly burn-out that everyone giggles about. I’m going to have fun, dammit!

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