What I Did On my Day Off!

June 4, 2009 at 3:26 am Leave a comment

I was so freaking productive today! I went to water the plants in the chapel at Harvard Business School like a good employee… then I went to Central to give the Biatch her forever Knight DVDs back. She gave me the world’s awesomest earrings– they are R2-D2. Holy crap!!! I am the ALPHA NERD!!! All nerds will BOW DOWN TO ME!!! Anyway, then I went to Watertown (all this is on my bike, of course) to get my car insured. I had some kizzash left over from my vacation fund so I paid the whole year up front because I didn’t want to have to forget to mail the check again and end up in the pickle that I got myself into last time. Then I went to the DMV to register my car… and that’s all good except in MA they register the plates separately. I have until the end of the month to re-register my plates… I have to pay off some parking tickets, one of which is in fucking BROOKLINE. God I hate that freaking town. Seriously, I HATE BROOKLINE. I havent driven there in years; this parking ticket must be from years ago. This is the stupid town where you ened a resident permit to park at a meter in some places. FUCK BROOKLINE! So now I have to ride out there and pay those douches. Yes, ride my bike because after 6 weeks or so of sitting around my car will not run anymore. It had a vaguely squealy belt before, but now the belt is insane with the squealing, kicks up a nasty burned rubber smell and stalls. Of course! I finally get it all squared away and now I have to spend MORE money on the motherfucker. It’s only worth $500 on a good day, I’m sure I’ll end up spending way more than that just getting it to run. Why? Because I hate buying cars. Buying cars really eats away at my soul, which is why I’ve only owned 4 cars in my 17 years of car ownership. I’ve driven every one until it fell apart. I’d really like to own a car made in this millennium some day, but alas that probably won’t happen for another decade or so, unless I win the lottery. until then, my car that will be old enough to vote next year will have to suffice.


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New job! RIP Kate Bush

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