My Mother The Baby & Cat Whisperer

June 8, 2009 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

Friday the baby (I think he needs a name. We’ll call him Neville) wouldn’t take his nap. He wouldn’t eat, and he was starving, and he wouldn’t sleep. He was a miserable little dude and screamed and screamed… until Moth showed up to pick me up from work (she had to leave the house at 8:00 a.m. and get here 2 hours early; it’s just the way she is). One look at Moth and Neville started laughing. Seriously. He was laughing really hard and finding her hysterical. Then she picked him up and walked him around and he fell asleep. Holy crap! I had tried everything! She just has the touch, I guess.

We went back to my house, and Jarvis my anti-social cat whom nobody has ever seen because he hides under the bed whenever anyone comes over, jumped up on her lap and took a nap. Lard Ass also took a turn on her lap, Lard Ass who is totally gay and only likes dudes that is. Lard loves Robin, Pete, Saki, anything male. He could not care less about Athena, Patty, Laura, or anything female. Maybe he thinks Moth is a dude? She doesn’t even like cats that much!

The rest of the weekend was pretty fun– we cleaned the house (Moth’s idea), which was long overdue. She even split the cost of a new vaccuum cleaner with me because mine, well, didn’t suck. We walked around outside a lot because the weather was beautiful. We also played Boggle, Scrabble and lots of Bananagrams. Rock on!


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