Apartment Angst

June 17, 2009 at 4:14 am 1 comment

I’ve been living in The Hermitage for almost 2.5 years now… the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I’ve been 18. It’s weird… I’ve been getting that itchy feeling like I should move on; my address is wearing thin. However, I mostly like this place. The only things that are getting old are (1) the lack of kitchen and (2) the refrigerator that freezes lettuce and eggs but won’t freeze anything in the freezer (no, it won’t freeze ice cream if you put it in the fridge part, I tried that). I’d like a place with bigger windows and more light so my plants don’t keep dying. I’d also like a place with a front stoop that I can have a beer on during nice days like today because I’m ghetto like that. I’d love a bathtub, since taking baths is one of my favorite hobbies, but I don’t want to go too crazy here! However, I don’t think my finances are in an order that will allow me to pay 1st & last month’s rent any place, let alone a security deposit!

So what have I been doing about this? Fixing up my dollhouse! Yes, years ago I traded Squidney The International Textbook of Surgery, Volume II copyright 1900 by “American and British Authors” for her dollhouse. The textbook is pretty awesome, it’s been handed down through 3 generations of us freaks who enjoy looking at lovely things like elephantiasis of the scrotum
Elephantiasis of the scrotum!

and polymastia!

Anyway, Moth brought the dollhouse with her last weekend, which has been living in her attic since Squidney outgrew it like years ago. I’ve been fixing it up as a jam shack for my Star Wars guys. Currently Lando Calrissian is on electric guitar and Brannigan the cat dude from Doctor Who is playing acoustic guitar. They have a robot servant who serves them plates of rubber roaches (the bugs, not the drugs) and Yoda has teeny little Pixies and Radiohead posters hanging up in his bedroom. I made a modernesque couch out of some foam and wire, and a bed out of balsa sticks. Oh yeah, I got a kit for putting together baby furniture, so the baby stegasaurus sleeps in a black cradle decorated with red pentagrams. THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! Holy crap this is awesome. I painted all the rooms different colors, and even put in a balsa wood floor (it wouldn’t technically be a *hard* wood floor, now would it?) in the kitchen because I couldn’t decide which color to paint it.

Basically, this is how I’m getting out all my living space angst. The dollhouse itself is kind of crappy– it was made out of poorly cut pieces of plywood held together mostly with aging glue. The roof tiles are drawn on in Sharpie, and all the pieces of wood that hold the plastic sheets with window panes printed on them are coming un-glued. However, this is part of its charm. For some reason, i’d rather fix up a weird, falling apart old junker than have a brand new zillion -dollar fancy Victorian gingerbread house… Victorian stuff is so *yawn*.

However, I wouldn’t throw this back in Santa’s face… this is the most fucking awesome dollhouse on earth!

kaleidoscope house
They had one at this shop in Harvard Square a few years ago and I oohed and aahed at it every time I walked by. Apparently they don’t make these anymore and you can only get them on eBay. Alas.

I’ve gotten really into making stuff for the dollhouse– maybe I’ll finally realize my dream and make a doll trailer. I’ve been wanting to make a trailer-shaped dollhouse for little redneck dolls, complete with a car up on bricks and a garden planted in an old tractor tire in the front yard. Maybe one of these days I’ll just do it!

Besides working on the dollhouse I’ve been practicing the bass like a fiend. I can now play the riff from “Daddy Cool” (it’s really not that hard, but so satisfying!) as well as 7 Pixies songs. Go, me!


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Move Over, R. Kelly! Holy Crap!

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