No More Dollhouse Posts, I Promise!

June 19, 2009 at 4:53 am Leave a comment

…at least not today! I’m maturing or something. or perhaps burning out… Today I chose to go home and sleep rather than go out drinking with homeys from 4 Seasons! Why is this? I think I’m just getting old. Also, my stomach has been acting like a little bitch for the past 2 weeks– I’m not sure what’s up with that; it doesn’t matter what I eat or drink, I always just feel queasy. Also, I’m not on my meds (one of them anyway), and it doesn’t look like getting some anytime soon will be easy thanks to all the red tape in the insurance industry. I think I’ll have to just fork over the $200 or whatever it will cost to get more so I don’t go crazy again! Plus, going off meds cold turkey screws up my digestive system even more as well as makes me nuts.

Everything’s an ordeal. I should just go off meds for good and be miserable and crazy. Maybe I’ll kill myself. Whatever, at least I won’t have to go through this roller coaster of bureaucracy every couple of months! Are there any Canadians out there who want to get married? I cook a mean rhubarb pie!


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Holy Crap! I can’t stop

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