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June 26, 2009 at 4:30 am 2 comments

Michael Jackson.

People can’t shut up about how he’s dead.

Yeah, it’s tragic, he was a father of 3 (probably soon to be if not already messed up) kids, brother of 7, son, uncle, most likely nephew, cousin, grandson etc. of many. He was only 50; not too old in today’s world.

How does this affect my life? Truthfully, not that much. I always thought he was kind of a freak. I was the only person I knew who never owned Thriller, though I liked a couple of the songs on it. Every kid in my 5th grade class loved him to pieces, except Tracy Dorn who didn’t see the big deal (“I like PRINCE” she said, and I couldn’t have agreed more) and Shari Fallon (?) who brought in Def Leppard’s Pyromania album and cradled it like a baby.

I had Michael Jackson’s Greatest Hits from before Thriller came out as well as Off the Wall; I inherited them from Moth’s friend Nancy who got a CD player and gave all her tapes away. I listened to them a few times, reveled in the fact that as a singer, MJ was a genius even when he was singing cheesy shit like “Rockin’ Robin” when he was like 5 or something. He had a gorgeous voice! He had good musical style! He was good looking! Aside from that, though, I thought he was a little over the top, a little meglomaniacal, and kinda sketchy. After Thriller he was just puzzling and a little more creepy. I mean, what was up with that performance for some awards show where he was wearing a wrist brace and smashed up a car with a sledgehammer?

So yeah. I love the Jackson 5. I like “Ben.” I will not, however, engage in the tributes and gushing and stuff because that would be just hypocritical. Towards the end he didn’t even look like a human anymore; he looked kind of like what Joan Rivers would look like dressed up as the Joker. I saw that documentary that British journalist made about him, the one that was supposed to put him in a good light… he just seemed super creepy and I felt bad for his kids, whose hair he dyed blond and had to wear masks in public.

And Farrah Fawcett. I barely even knew who she was! I think I probably knew her best from some tv commercial; I’m not sure I ever saw a single episode of Charlie’s Angels… Oh wait, she was in Logan’s Run. I did really dig that movie, though truthfully I had no idea that was her until I just looked her up on IMDb.

In the world of entertainment, I’m pretty lame. I guess I don’t get worked up over celebrities… except Stuart Adamson. I think he was the only famous person I ever shed a tear for. Joe Strummer made me sad, but not enough to cry I don’t think.

Let’s hope MJ doesn’t come back as a zombie. Although… he made a scary zombie, I think he was more terrifying looking in real life!


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