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Nerdiness Prevails

I am the only geek on earth who never watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was on TV. I saw the movie, and it was pretty rad (PeeWee was in it!) but for some reason the TV show never really grabbed me. My former roommates made Buffy Night a weekly event and I’d eat their delicious food and then go hibernate in my room. Why? Not sure.

Anyway, I started watching it while Neville’s napping because Jack and Laura have all the DVDs. It’s pretty freaking rad! Great, like I need another tv show to get addicted to. At least this one has like 9000 seasons; Battlestar Galactica only had 4!

Wednesday was Davey’s birthday and I went out to the old workplace to give him his present (an adorable stuffed Boba Fett– I bet you never knew the bounty hunter could be so cuddly!) and stayed for drinks at The End of the World (the bar where we hang after work). One of Davey’s friends showed up, this chick named Kaeleigh. I think I spelled that correctly. She’s a gigantic sci-fi nerd and couldn’t believe I’ve never seen Farscape or Stargate. Those were two other shows that never really grabbed me, but supposedly she’s going to assault me with DVDs so my sci-fi education will be well-rounded. I commanded her to watch Doctor Who and Blake’s 7. Geeks unite!


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Old Person Moment!

There have been many times I’ve thought to myself “whoa, I’m a grown-up!” For example, getting my first checking account, getting a promotion at work (the one and only time! OK, I’ve been promoted at 2 different jobs, but only one of them was a “grown-up” job), getting harassed by bill collectors, etc.

The other day marked my very first “HOLY SHIT I’M AN OLD PERSON!” moment. I slipped in the shower. Really. I was getting out of the shower, slipped on the edge and fell face first onto the floor, which is no easy task because my bathroom is microscopic. I managed to hit a couple of shelves and things on the way down and now I have gigantic bruises on my arm in the exact spot where Neville likes to punch me! I just tell people he has super human strength for a baby.

So yes, I have fallen and couldn’t get up.

I think the above reference is another sign that HOLY SHIT I’M AN OLD PERSON!

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