20 hours…

August 1, 2009 at 1:19 am Leave a comment

I made it 20 hours without saying anything geeky… then I made a comment about how I’d like to think that humanity is worth saving, but then I turn on cable tv and see (something that I forgot that involves people being lame) and well, just let Dr. Evil take over the earth. Dr. Evil isn’t inherently geeky, since I’m judging whether or not something is nerdy by the ratio of geeks to non-geeks that watch/listen/read a particular thing. The Austin Powers saga isn’t particularly dorkesque… but then I took it one step further and added a Dalek invasion. Alas. it was over. So I watched another episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and chalked it up to lack of will power.

It was tough… not only was Gay Rob home all day, but Andrea who was taking care of Jenn & Troy’s ferrets also hung out because it started to torrentially downpour and she didn’t want to walk home in that. I’m moderately certain that had I been alone with the Little Dude I might have been able to avoid nerdiness. In lieu of Buffy, during Little Dude’s morning and afternoon naps I worked on making the orange and brown shag carpeting for the dollhouse trailer and threw in a couple of DVDs: Bend It Like Beckham (not geeky in the least) and Finding Nemo (again, not terribly geektastic). I did so well until The Incident! I guess I can control myself as long as I am not around people of a similar caliber of dweebitude. My dad & stepmom are coming to visit for a couple of days next week, and I’m sure I will be discussing the most un-nerdy things with them without even trying. Let that be my punishment!


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Secret Double Life (of a non-nerd) Nerds unite!

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