Scooter & Gay Rob’s Big Adventure

August 30, 2009 at 5:56 am Leave a comment

Terrence had been on vacation in California for a week or so and now was back, so to celebrate Gay Rob & I did what we do best and went to his house to drink on his porch. Now lately I haven’t been drinking very much and am a lightweight. It doesn’t take many rum & cokes to get me a little toasted… and we were discussing I don’t know what when Rob said, “will somebody tell me why we don’t have any coke or ice?” Normally I would realize that this is because we’re drinking cuba libres and are out of coca cola, the active ingredient and also that when I went to the ice tray in the fridge, all of them were filled with very un-frozen water. However, I thought Rob was talking about cocaine and ice (back in the recesses of my mind I recalled this was a drug term for something or other) so I mentioned how I had some ecstasy back home. Rob and I then made a plan to take it the following day after I finished watering the plants at Harvard Business School.

So the next day arrives and Rob and I decide to take our big drug trip at the Copley mall and environs for entertainment value. We get down there and ingest said narcotic… and nothing really happened at all. I felt slightly dizzy, but that could have been because I was in this gigantic swanky mall and it was hot out. This mall has stores dedicated to Armani and Coach and other things that even if I could afford them would never buy because they just are so immediately enabling of conspicuous consumerism they just crack me up. Anyway, the drug trip was a big disappointment, though we had fun walking around amd making fun of stuff.

After that Rob decides we should go to Fritz, this gay sports bar (!) where he hangs out. It was kind of funny– there were big screen tvs showing various ball games, but all were being watched by nicely-dressed dudes with perfect hairdos. The whole ambience was kind of surreal. Then we went to The Alley, another gay bar where Rob hangs out– this one is more divey and could easily be an Allston hangout, except for the Shirley Bassey playing on the jukebox.

So that’s my big exciting drug story for the year. My crazy trips have been pretty tame lately– Hey, at least I got out of the house and had fun!

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Obligatory bitching about the weather why oh why do I bother?

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