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Argh… more health care annoyance

So, I finally got accepted to the Mass Health care program! Yay! However, it took me forever to figure out what I’m supposed to do next. The amount of red tape involved in all this is such that I could probably get 2 mortgages and adopt triplets from Mars with it. So, I finally figured out which health plan I want (after wrestling with websites that are broken, links that go nowhere, .pdfs that won’t open etc.) and chose a Primary Care Physician. Finally! I won’t actually have insurance until they send me a bill and I pay it (you can’t pay online), but that’s ok whatever. I called my PCP and… she’s not accepting anymore new patients of course (they said she was on the website, but as you can see from above, the website isn’t exactly reliable). All the other physicians in that clinic (3 blocks from my house) are either not accepting new patients until December or are only accepting them at other locations that are far away. I had forgotten how impossible it is to find a doctor in this state! You’d think with all the 80 zillion hospitals around, there’d be a doctor with space available for patients. I just want someone to look down my throat with a flashlight for 10 seconds and either prescribe me some antibiotics or tell me it’s a viral thing and I should just go home and eat chicken soup! I will pay the whatever exorbitant price it costs without insurance! I don’t care! Argh. I feel like crap and am not in the mood to be put on hold for 15 minutes again only to hear that the doctor is booked up for every place I call on the list like the last time I tried to find a PCP the last time I had to make insurance decisions.


There, that was somewhat theraputic.

Hey, at least methodone treatments are free under this insurance, so if finding a PCP drives me to heroin addiction, I’ll be all set!

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yearly sin round-up!

I’ve been reading up on sinning, to find out what it actually entails, according to various religions, in order to see what kind of a sinner I actually am. Basically, this was in hopes that I’d find something interesting because I am basically a boring person and haven’t really done any sinning except for some token swearing and a few cases of fornication.

In fact, I’m boring myself already.

I have tonsilitis, and it’s making me feel icky, so I spent the day alternately sleeping (this made the fasting go by, well faster) and playing on the innernets. There’s this site where you can get virtual makeovers (much better than my Cosmo CD-ROm that I got in the cheap bucket at Micro Center).

Whaddaya think? : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


or… : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


What else? I stayed over at Victor’s house for the first time the other day and we did some totally bad acid that did nothing. While I was asleep the next morning, he went out and bought some stuff for breakfast– I woke up and he plopped down two cans of Reddi-Whip and said “breakfast and wheep-eets”. He also says he doesn’t do drugs anymore. OK then! I’m making him sound like some kind of massive druggie, but he’s not. He does smoke, but whatever, pretty much everyone I know does these days. Today he came over and brought me chicken soup because I was sick. So adorable!

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Fuck. Today.

i’m getting a cold. It’s not a terrible one, but it’s enough to make things a little unpleasant and throw things a bit out of whack. Add to that that I’m crashing off my meds because the state was supposed to tell me about insurance by now, but hasn’t bothered (I went off the insurance from Four Seasons since i’m only a part-time employee there now). Of course the Little Dude doesn’t want to sleep, preferring the excitig past time of screaming uncontrollably. So, I’ve spent the last hour wanting to die with a screaming baby attached to my ear.

Oh yeah, I made tzimmes with beef, butternut squash and prunes on Saturday. Oh life is wonderful today for my Rosh Hashanah party. it was actually really fun! I had all these prunes left over, so I put them on my cereal this morning. BIG MISTAKE. I will be paying for that all morning at least! I am so over today.

Life is good. WHAT THE FUCK is this phenomenon, anyway? I see those little slogans that say “life is good” all over SUVs and college students. Ah, I see. it’s a local company that sells basically, stuff that says dumb stuff. Great. Sorry, I’ve gotten the urge to scoop people’s eyeballs out with sporks every time I see one of those shirts. I guess life is good if you’re a bland bourgeois 20-something for whom inane slogans can sum up your meaningless life.

Anyway, fuck today. I am so not in the mood to deal with reality.

here are some baby animals in case that will cheer me up:

awww widdwe baby lemur? The post says it’s a wombat, but it doesn’t much look like one…

Here’s a baby wombat

fruit bats!
Aww, baby fruit bats are adorable. This may be working!

Aww, prosimians are so cute (not actually a baby but still)!

What’s more adorable than a little 3-toed sloth?

I’m hoping this will get me in the mood to find baby humans more adorable today, because I’m having a bit of a tough time on that!

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The Lesson is…

I went to the Stah Mahket the other day and bought a day-old loaf of French bread because it was cheap. I’m a big fan of day-old bread; probably because i’m a total cheapskate, but also because i like to think I’m eating something that will probably just go bad and get moldy and go to waste because people are too proud or tasteful or something to buy bakery rejects. Anyway…

I put the bread in my bike basket and drove to harvard Square to pick up the new Muse album. Somewhere along the way, the bread broke in half and was flopping all over the place. I tried to stuff both halves into the basket, but in the middle of the street, one half flopped out of the bag and landed in the middle of JFK street. What do I do? Do I leave a 1/2 loaf of bred in the street for pigeons or homeless people to risk their lives pecking at? no, I’m a frugal type, so I dodge traffic to run and pick it up. There aren’t even any noticeable pieces of dirt or other schmutz attached!

I am currently eating a ham and cheese sandwich made from the bread that spent 50 seconds lying in the road in front of Urban Outfitters. The fact that I risked getting mushed by an Escalade makes it taste that much better.

The lesson, children, is…

you can justify anything if you’re cheap enough.

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Russian Comics

These are awesome:

russian comic

I want a giant wheat harvesting robot!

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What I Did on My Weekend by Norah B.

This past weekend was beautiful (at least Friday and Sunday were). Saturday I went to a Four Seasons cookout-type-thing. It was actually raining, so we just hung out inside. It was fun– I like all the 4S people. I got completely lost trying to get there (it was at Jill & charlie, the owners’ place). It turns out I was supposed to be on the Mystic Valley Parkway, when I was actually on the Mystic Valley Parkway. YES! THERE ARE TWO OF THEM! When I am a zillionaire, I’m going to donate a bunch of money to the state of Massachusetts and make them put street signs on every corner, and ones in every roundabout that tell which roads go where. That was the main problem– nothing is labelled.

Sunday I hung out with Victor. We went to the Caribbean Festival thingie in Kendall, which was pretty fun. It was sunny and warm and perfect for watching 12 year old girls wearing sequins and feathers shake their butts (there was a parade and competition for best masquerade group). There was tasty food there as well. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of champagne (there was no beer in the cooler and none of the wine was very good according to Victor). We too it down to the river and drank it and talked about stuff. it turns out the Russian handwriting that I was so proud of is actually the kind they taught like 60 years ago, so I write like an old person. Oh well. You can still tell what I’m writing! After that we went to the People’s Republic (how appropriate!) in Central and drank beer and talked and stuff. Victor seems pretty cool, even if he did allegedly used to be a coke dealer who also likes to make crack deals in every city he goes to. He’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill average guy. Whether or not this is an entirely good thing is yet to be seen!

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I’m going to see the Pixies the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! Pixies fans in Boston have been counting down the seconds until the tickets went on sale (sept. 12). Months ago I made tentative plans with Davey from 4 Seasons and Athena to go. Of course, Davey isn’t talking to me anymore, and Athena made it abundantly clear that nothing is as important as her boyfriend, and thus she was just going to get tickets for the two of them since she didn’t have the cash to pay up front to get tickets altogether or something. Damn I hate that. It really pisses me off when friends acquire significant others and then ignore you until there’s drama in their relationships and they need a shoulder to cry on. Well screw you all! I’m going by myself, I will have fun, and everyone else can suck it! Did I mention that I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED?!?! I probably did. I haven’t seen the Pixies since the last time they came around, which was in 2005, I think. I think I heard thay they’re going to do the entire “Doolittle” album in honor of its 20th anniversary. ROCK ON!!!!!

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I love autumn, I really do. September in New England is almost always lovely, and the past could of weeks have been no exception. There’s something weirdly exciting about the coming of winter, and it has nothing to do with school starting, no matter what people say. I like the way the sunlight is slanty and the air is less humid. Spring in New England sucks balls– it’s always freezing cold and rainy, but autumn rules.

Why am I talking about the weather? Oh yeah, I’m killing time while waiting for the baby to get re-sleepy. He falls asleep, but the second his body hits the mattress in the crib he wakes up and screams. Sometimes he’ll scream himself back to sleep. Sometimes you have to get him to do something that will tire him out because screaming just gives him a second wind. That is what’s happening today. He’s giddy and overexhausted, which is making him ecstatically happy one second and miserable the next. It would be funny if I weren’t the one responsible for his sleeping patterns during the weekdays!

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