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So, before I swore off dating forever, I gave it one last ditch effort and made a date with the Russian Computer Programmer dude. Last night we went to see Inglourious Basterds, which was actually really good. I am notorious for my dislike of Tarantino movies, so I was a bit dubious, but this one seemed different, and it was. It still had gory bits, but it had a plot and character development and stuff! Holy crap! And the dude was pretty cool too. He’s from moscow and his name is Victor. After the movie we went and had drinks at Johnny D’s (across the street from the theater). For some reason we got to talking about Irish coffee, so we made the bartender make us some (it’s not a thing they normally make). It was a little harsh– coffee, whiskey and whipped cream. Whenever I’ve had it before they usually gay it up with Bailey’s or something. Anyway… we stayed until the bar closed (they close at 1:00 in Somerville mostly) talking about various things. It was pretty cool. He must have found me not utterly repulsive because we’re going to have dinner tomorrow night. Whoa. A SECOND DATE. This hasn’t happened in god knows how long! I didn’t scare him away with my awkwardly chubby weirdness! WTF?

there. Under Communism, peasants and soldiers will make out in peace.


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