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I’m going to see the Pixies the Saturday after Thanksgiving! I AM SO PSYCHED!!! Pixies fans in Boston have been counting down the seconds until the tickets went on sale (sept. 12). Months ago I made tentative plans with Davey from 4 Seasons and Athena to go. Of course, Davey isn’t talking to me anymore, and Athena made it abundantly clear that nothing is as important as her boyfriend, and thus she was just going to get tickets for the two of them since she didn’t have the cash to pay up front to get tickets altogether or something. Damn I hate that. It really pisses me off when friends acquire significant others and then ignore you until there’s drama in their relationships and they need a shoulder to cry on. Well screw you all! I’m going by myself, I will have fun, and everyone else can suck it! Did I mention that I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED?!?! I probably did. I haven’t seen the Pixies since the last time they came around, which was in 2005, I think. I think I heard thay they’re going to do the entire “Doolittle” album in honor of its 20th anniversary. ROCK ON!!!!!

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autumn! What I Did on My Weekend by Norah B.

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