What I Did on My Weekend by Norah B.

September 14, 2009 at 6:17 pm Leave a comment

This past weekend was beautiful (at least Friday and Sunday were). Saturday I went to a Four Seasons cookout-type-thing. It was actually raining, so we just hung out inside. It was fun– I like all the 4S people. I got completely lost trying to get there (it was at Jill & charlie, the owners’ place). It turns out I was supposed to be on the Mystic Valley Parkway, when I was actually on the Mystic Valley Parkway. YES! THERE ARE TWO OF THEM! When I am a zillionaire, I’m going to donate a bunch of money to the state of Massachusetts and make them put street signs on every corner, and ones in every roundabout that tell which roads go where. That was the main problem– nothing is labelled.

Sunday I hung out with Victor. We went to the Caribbean Festival thingie in Kendall, which was pretty fun. It was sunny and warm and perfect for watching 12 year old girls wearing sequins and feathers shake their butts (there was a parade and competition for best masquerade group). There was tasty food there as well. Afterwards, we went to the grocery store and bought a bottle of champagne (there was no beer in the cooler and none of the wine was very good according to Victor). We too it down to the river and drank it and talked about stuff. it turns out the Russian handwriting that I was so proud of is actually the kind they taught like 60 years ago, so I write like an old person. Oh well. You can still tell what I’m writing! After that we went to the People’s Republic (how appropriate!) in Central and drank beer and talked and stuff. Victor seems pretty cool, even if he did allegedly used to be a coke dealer who also likes to make crack deals in every city he goes to. He’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill average guy. Whether or not this is an entirely good thing is yet to be seen!


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