yearly sin round-up!

September 29, 2009 at 5:35 am Leave a comment

I’ve been reading up on sinning, to find out what it actually entails, according to various religions, in order to see what kind of a sinner I actually am. Basically, this was in hopes that I’d find something interesting because I am basically a boring person and haven’t really done any sinning except for some token swearing and a few cases of fornication.

In fact, I’m boring myself already.

I have tonsilitis, and it’s making me feel icky, so I spent the day alternately sleeping (this made the fasting go by, well faster) and playing on the innernets. There’s this site where you can get virtual makeovers (much better than my Cosmo CD-ROm that I got in the cheap bucket at Micro Center).

Whaddaya think? : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


or… : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


What else? I stayed over at Victor’s house for the first time the other day and we did some totally bad acid that did nothing. While I was asleep the next morning, he went out and bought some stuff for breakfast– I woke up and he plopped down two cans of Reddi-Whip and said “breakfast and wheep-eets”. He also says he doesn’t do drugs anymore. OK then! I’m making him sound like some kind of massive druggie, but he’s not. He does smoke, but whatever, pretty much everyone I know does these days. Today he came over and brought me chicken soup because I was sick. So adorable!

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so… Argh… more health care annoyance

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