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Music! Dancing! yay!

I just got back from the Simian MObile Disco show, which was AWESOME. it was basically a DJ set, but still ruled. That’s exactly what I needed– to drink tequila and dance my butt off. That always makes me feel better about stupid things.

What stupid things do I ened to feel better about?
well, let’s see…

1. The Little Dude has been being exceptionally cranky lately. That is, his default mode is crying and being generally pissed at everything, and it requires a lot of energy to make him un-pissy. You can’t put him down ever, but when I hold him, all he wants to do is scratch my face off with his baby claws. Yesterday he got a claw in my eye making it difficult to see, never mind it being fairly painful. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

2. health insurance. I called about it today and they told me that, even though I paid them a month ago and theoretically your insurance is activated once you pay, my insurance will not be active until November 1st. I got my card in the mail today, though… maybe I can convince the pharmacy to give me drugs anyway! Truthfully, I’m sure that if I called back 5 times tomorrow, I’d get 5 different answers about things. that’s the nature of red tape, nobody knows what is going on ever!

but anyway, show = awesome!!

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Kind of addicting

This makeover thing is really fun. Here I am looking actually better than when I began (I stole Susan Sarandon’s hairdo)! Although, I look seriously cadaverous in the original, so that really isn’t much of a stretch! : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


…And here I am as a middle-aged Miss Piggy with Liza Minnelli’s hair: : Virtual Makeover. Real Beauty.


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In other news…

A while ago I wrote about a game of Giant Squid that I played with Tanya & Terrence and Jesse & Didi and Tanys’s and Jesse’s cousin from Germany. She thought the “Hitler” card was so funny she took a picture with her camera and sent it to friends. I uploaded the picture to so I could show it on here… and apparently it violates Photobucket’s terms of use! Here’s what it looks like now:


Here’s what it looks like in the real world (some material may be inappropriate for sentient beings):
hitler card

I’m tickled. Really I am!

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Grown-up pillowcases!

I decided that the time had come to get new pillowcases. My Hello Kitty pillowcase was worn and almost completely threadbare. My Batman one was a little worse for the wear; somehow getting paint splattered on it as well as being faded and old. So… I thought about Darth Vader, contemplated farm animals and other such things… and decided to get Real Grown-Up pillowcases! Yes, I went to Target and spent $15.99 (an unheard-of, ridiculously huge amount for such things in my world) on two greenish PLAIN pillowcases. They have no design whatsoever on them. The color is understated (they were the only ones that weren’t a lame color like white or beige). It looks nice with my sheets (either pink or orange) and my blanket (I just retired the lightweight quilt I made and am using the winter fuchsia down comforter)– everything is a nice rainbow sherbet-hue.

I got them home and agonized over whether I should take them back or not for about 2 days. Finally, I decided that these pale mint-green pillowcases would stay. They are made from bamboo and are like 300 thread count or something insanely decadent like that. But… they are way too huge and baggy for my ancient floppy pillows. I don’t like pillows that arent totally limp and made with feathers (as opposed to foam), so the poor things are these flaccid lumps. Oh well. At least Batman isn’t present. I suppose the whole maturity-thing is totally negated by the fact that like 50,000 stuffed animals are in permanent residence on my bed, but it’s a step, right? baby steps. baby steps.

Here they are!

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Bad cat owner

When I cat-sit for my landlady, I give Lulu 2 teaspoons of wet catfood in the morning and two in the evening. If she hasn’t eaten the catfood in the morning, you dump the old catfood down the garbage disposal and give her fresh food. Her water bowl gets changed every morning.

My cats, on the other hand, get new food in their bowl once they’ve finished all the (dry) food and eaten all the old food off the floor that they’ve managed to kick out of their bowls during feeding frenzies. I fill up their water bowl when I feel like it, mostly because they never drink out of it, as they prefer the cool fresh water in the toilet. I clean their catbox when it gets smelly. However, they do get unlimited access to their favorite piece of furniture (me) when I’m home and when I’m not insulting their lack of intelligence, I pet them and generally dote on and spoil their undeserving fuzzy asses. Maybe this is why they choose to cough hairballs up onto my pillows!

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Sucka MCs be tryin to fade this shizzle, what.

OK, “Shizzle” was a little anachronistic in the above headline, but you hear what I’m sayin, dig? 80s hip hop slang, I realized, plays a big part in my vocabulary, and in the speech of many nerds I know. Why is this? We most certainly didn’t talk like that back in the day, no that would have been mad wiggety-wack. Why are we suddenly illin’? Allow me drop some science: I think it’s because we look back at the slang and said “whoa, people really called each other HOME SLICE?” and thus it becomes a part of our vocabulary for the retro-ironic value. Also, hip hop slang gets outdated really quickly, which makes it even more fly, because each word is a frozen little moment in time. So, currently the slang is enjoying a second life in nerdese.

I never really thought about how much I use the term “home piece” to address friends, and pretty much every other sentence I say contains “word” until I was texting Victor the other day. The conversation went something like this:

VICTOR: I’ll call you when I get back from my parents’ house
ME: word.
VICTOR: What word?
ME: Word to your mother! (and dad)

It’s always interesting seeing language through the mind of a non-native speaker (OK, that’s a politically incorrect term, as is English as a Second Language, I don’t know what you are supposed to call people who learned English later in life as opposed to as babies).

Word to that.

An interesting factoid: apparently Vanilla Ice’s catch-phrase “word to your mother” started out life as “word to the mother” as in Motherland, as in Africa. Yup-yup!

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TGIF, Dude!

Today finally ended hell week with the baby. He still has pooping issues and his bowels hadn’t moved significantly all week. Poor little dude! However, when he’s like this all he does is cry, get pissed off at everything and refuse to sleep. The only thing that brings him solace is causing me physical pain in the form of grabbing at my nosering and laughing when I wince in pain, or pulling my hair. Argh! It was a short week, too!

Tuesday all the old BoFo folks got together at Underbones for a reunion. I hadn’t seen most of these people in 4 or 5 years– it was pretty fun! Victor came out too and I think managed not to scare anyone too much. Let’s see, what else is happening in my exciting life? Hmm. Victor and I went to Ikea. I guess it’s serious! heheh. Seriously, you just don’t drive 30(?) miles to Ikea with mere casual acquaintences.

Otherwise, I just have a litany of requisite whining: the weather is cold and sucky making it so I can’t ride my bike to work, my allergies are driving me crazy, I have massive insomnia…

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Stir Crazy in Quarantine

I finally made it to the doctor yesterday (I went to the walk-in clinic at Mt. Auburn Hospital), and $275 later they said I had a virus and there’s basically nothing I can do for my tonsils except gargle with saltwater and sit it out. So, I’m home from work today and tomorrow so I don’t infect the Little Dude, because I’m still contageous. I’m going kind of stir-crazy! I feel well enough to not be in bed all day, but not quite awesome enough to go for a bike ride or something else that is non-bed related.

Meanwhile, Victor is off in San Francisco at this 3-day acid orgy that one of his friends throws every couple of years. They all go into the woods, do lots of drugs, and listen to music. Will there be free love? Probably. Should I care if he indulges in it? I mean, we’ve only been dating for like 3 weeks. I should probably care more than I do. Seriously though, it’s his business and it’s not like we’re an Official Official Item. I am so bad at these things!

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