TGIF, Dude!

October 17, 2009 at 6:45 am Leave a comment

Today finally ended hell week with the baby. He still has pooping issues and his bowels hadn’t moved significantly all week. Poor little dude! However, when he’s like this all he does is cry, get pissed off at everything and refuse to sleep. The only thing that brings him solace is causing me physical pain in the form of grabbing at my nosering and laughing when I wince in pain, or pulling my hair. Argh! It was a short week, too!

Tuesday all the old BoFo folks got together at Underbones for a reunion. I hadn’t seen most of these people in 4 or 5 years– it was pretty fun! Victor came out too and I think managed not to scare anyone too much. Let’s see, what else is happening in my exciting life? Hmm. Victor and I went to Ikea. I guess it’s serious! heheh. Seriously, you just don’t drive 30(?) miles to Ikea with mere casual acquaintences.

Otherwise, I just have a litany of requisite whining: the weather is cold and sucky making it so I can’t ride my bike to work, my allergies are driving me crazy, I have massive insomnia…


Entry filed under: 9 to 5, un/spinsterhood, whine.

Stir Crazy in Quarantine Sucka MCs be tryin to fade this shizzle, what.

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