Grown-up pillowcases!

October 20, 2009 at 4:30 am Leave a comment

I decided that the time had come to get new pillowcases. My Hello Kitty pillowcase was worn and almost completely threadbare. My Batman one was a little worse for the wear; somehow getting paint splattered on it as well as being faded and old. So… I thought about Darth Vader, contemplated farm animals and other such things… and decided to get Real Grown-Up pillowcases! Yes, I went to Target and spent $15.99 (an unheard-of, ridiculously huge amount for such things in my world) on two greenish PLAIN pillowcases. They have no design whatsoever on them. The color is understated (they were the only ones that weren’t a lame color like white or beige). It looks nice with my sheets (either pink or orange) and my blanket (I just retired the lightweight quilt I made and am using the winter fuchsia down comforter)– everything is a nice rainbow sherbet-hue.

I got them home and agonized over whether I should take them back or not for about 2 days. Finally, I decided that these pale mint-green pillowcases would stay. They are made from bamboo and are like 300 thread count or something insanely decadent like that. But… they are way too huge and baggy for my ancient floppy pillows. I don’t like pillows that arent totally limp and made with feathers (as opposed to foam), so the poor things are these flaccid lumps. Oh well. At least Batman isn’t present. I suppose the whole maturity-thing is totally negated by the fact that like 50,000 stuffed animals are in permanent residence on my bed, but it’s a step, right? baby steps. baby steps.

Here they are!


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