Music! Dancing! yay!

October 29, 2009 at 4:02 am Leave a comment

I just got back from the Simian MObile Disco show, which was AWESOME. it was basically a DJ set, but still ruled. That’s exactly what I needed– to drink tequila and dance my butt off. That always makes me feel better about stupid things.

What stupid things do I ened to feel better about?
well, let’s see…

1. The Little Dude has been being exceptionally cranky lately. That is, his default mode is crying and being generally pissed at everything, and it requires a lot of energy to make him un-pissy. You can’t put him down ever, but when I hold him, all he wants to do is scratch my face off with his baby claws. Yesterday he got a claw in my eye making it difficult to see, never mind it being fairly painful. Not looking forward to tomorrow.

2. health insurance. I called about it today and they told me that, even though I paid them a month ago and theoretically your insurance is activated once you pay, my insurance will not be active until November 1st. I got my card in the mail today, though… maybe I can convince the pharmacy to give me drugs anyway! Truthfully, I’m sure that if I called back 5 times tomorrow, I’d get 5 different answers about things. that’s the nature of red tape, nobody knows what is going on ever!

but anyway, show = awesome!!


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Kind of addicting superstition!

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