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100th rock concert!

I saw the Pixies tonight! They were awesome! It was also the 100th rock concert I’ve been to (not counting local bands). RAD!!!! They did the entire “Doolittle” album, as well a a bunch of B-sides. They started by showing “Un Chien Andalou” on a screen behind the stage. They also showed pieces of it during the song “Debaser” (cuz it’s about that movie). All in all, such a great show! It would have been better if (1) the dude next to me didn’t reek heavily of hot greasy unwashed hair and (2) the couple in front of me didn’t keep making out and thus blocking my view of the stage, but hey. you can’t have everything! Seriously, though– the dude next to me smelled really bad. It didn’t help that the venue itself smelled of old sponge with a hint of pee, either. Oh well!

In other news, Victor is no longer my significant other. Saw that one coming, didn’t we? I don’t know what his problem is. I think he’s just messed up. Whatever. Don’t have to deal with him anymore!

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Caution: Whining Ahead

What priority do I expect to be in a relationship? certainly not #1. That never happens. I’m never more important than the dude’s work. Work always comes first. Family should come second, but usually it doesn’t, depending on how messed up a dude’s family is. With Victor, family is way up there (parents and the like). His kid is up there, probably before parents, so I’m down to #4. Wait, he has a lot of friends that he likes to hang out with. I don’t expect to be more important than friends; I’m always bitching about people who don’t put bros before ho’s, so why should i expect any different treatment? Then there are hobbies. I’d like to be at least equals with hobbies, but somehow I never am. With Victor, I’m definitely below hobbies (i.e., the Theramin he’s building) and keep going. I’m less of a priority than sleeping; Victor is always tired and has to get his sleep. Then there’s booze. Rather than call me after work to “unwind,” he’d rather just bust out a bottle of whiskey.

So there you have it. I’m less important than 1. work 2. kids 3. parents & siblings 4. friends 5. hobbies 6. sleeping 7. booze. I’m #8. Wait, have I forgotten anything? I guess at least I’m in the top 10–that’s more than I can say for where I stood in Saki’s world! I’m used to being ignored and taken for granted, and in fact I HATE it when i get stuck with a clingy whiny leech like some exes. However, there has to be some kind of middle ground, right? Maybe not. This is probably nature’s way of telling me I’m going to die alone and I should just deal with it. Truthfully, I’d rather be single for the rest of my life than have to deal with these extremes. Seriously.

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2 Movie Day!

I was feeling kind of sad and lonely today. I don’t know why; I just get like this. Perhaps it has something to do with my so-called boyfriend and how I’ve seen him for a total of about 4 hours in the past 3 weeks. Funny, the last one did that too. I got to thinking– what is it about me that makes dudes want to completely ignore me all the time? I’m not that annoying, I don’t think. At least, *I* don’t find myself that annoying. I think I’m pretty awesome, to tell you the truth. Anyway, the few men on earth who don’t find me completely repulsive end up avoiding me for weeks on end. WTF?

So because of this I went to see a movie. I saw Where The Wild Things Are. Here’s a word of advice: if you’re feeling lonely and a little down, and feel like nobody listens to you and the world is a sucky place: DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE!! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t this. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it a lot. It was awesome. however, I found it to be a totally harrowing and painful nihilistic downer. It’s about Max, a lonely boy with a busy divorced mother who feels like nobody pays attention to him. He “acts out” and annoys his mother. He finds a boat and sails to Where The Wild Things Are. The Wild Things are a commune of giant neurotic child-like beasts who are in the midst of all sorts of interpersonal strife. They think Max can help them. In the end, he just ends up making everything worse. The End. The Wild Things were like watching a gigantic hairy family reunion complete with cranky old Jews (two of the Wild Things were a couple named Ira and Judith), gross failures in communication, tears, fighting and various shades of awkward silence. My family doesn’t actually ever have Wild Rumpuses, but perhaps I should introduce one!

When I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was work on my stupid vampire novel (yes, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month), so I went and saw another movie: 2012. It was long, and had kind of boring stretches, but basically was the Disaster Movie To End All Disaster Movies. There was fire! There were volcanoes! There were earthquakes! There was stuff blowing up! There were airplanes in peril! There were tsunamis and flooding! The special effects were super awesome. The plot was thin and peppered with feel-good moments like any good disaster should have. Plus, in the end it turned out that after they saved all these rich people and heads of state, the only place on earth that wasn’t destroyed by the flood waters was Africa, so everyone could go happily live there. Awesome.

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Last week was the Week of Rock! Sunday I practiced with my theoretical “band”– it was really awesome. Every time I jam with people I feel like I evolve on the bass several levels. I actually picked out a bass line all by myself to go with what YuppieJeff the guitar guy was playing! Go, me!

Wednesday I went to Clinton to play Rock Band with Lil’ Bitch– he just bought it (the video game). It is really fun. I’ve been playing the drums a lot in this game and it rules! I still can’t play the guitar on it though, but singing is pretty rad.

I need to do more musical things. I could join the SCA dance band again; I have all the info on that. Or, I could join the old Renaissance ensemble again except for the fact that all the super cool people have died (seriously. I’m the junior member by at least 20 years in this group). Actually, Hope might still be in the group. I don’t remember if she practiced on Tuesdays with everyone else. Hope is pretty rad.

All I know is that I need to get off my lazy butt and do something before the musical part of my brain atrophies.

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Fun With Pets

My apartment is a feline vomitorium right now thanks to my lack of a kitchen. Let me elucidate… I don’t have much counter space, so after I made a nice dinner of George Forman-grilled salmon, I had it on my plate and went to balance the plate on the tiny piece of counter I have. It went crashing to the floor, flaking into little bits. I rescued most of it, but the rest got in the carpet and the cats had a fish gobbling orgy before I could even reach for a rag to attempt to clean it up.

Now they are discovering that salmon doesn’t really agree with them and are leaving me gooey little fishy-smelling presents all over the apartment. Oh boy do I love having pets right now!

On another note, I went to Norwood today to pick up a couple of African Dwarf frogs that Dana, this chick I know from Allston was giving away. Norwood is about 30.2 miles away on mostly highway and Google Maps estimated that it would take 39 minutes.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!!! I am laughing so hard right now! I’m delirious with laughter! It took me just short of an hour just to get on the non-Boston side of the Ted Williams tunnel! The entire way there I didn’t go more than 40 MPH and most of the time I didn’t even get out of second gear. Oy vey.

ANYWAY, I now have 2 adorable little frogs + 2 “janitor” snails that keep the tank clean.

I’m not sure what to name them. They ARE frogs, so I was thinking Olivier and Fran├žoise. I was toying with Janet the Janitor for one snail and perhaps Jan the Janitor (Yon the Yonitor like Jan Hammer) for the other one. Hmm.

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Oy vey.

So… per the bowl of water-bed thing below… guess who I dreamed about last night? VICTOR. He has never so much as made a cameo appearance in one of my dreams before! Hmmm.

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New Computer!!!

Lil’ Bitch came over yesterday to build me a new computer. I figured the time had come; my old computer had been acting annoying for a while. So, we went to micro Center and I bought a new motherboard & processor and some kick ass RAM that was on sale:

(it’s so shiny!)

We got it all home… and the power supply on my old case wasn’t compatible.

AND, the new motherboard didn’t have enough IDE slots to accommodate my 2 hard drives + DVD-ROM drive.

AND, it didn’t have an onboard video card, like we thought.

AND… what else? Oh yeah, we went and bought a SATA – IDE converter instead of an IDE to SATA converter by accident…

So, after several false starts and 4 trips to Micro Center I now have an awesome new computer that runs and is even running Windows 7, which seems pretty OK so far. Yay! It’s SO FREAKING FAST!!!!!

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Intellectually I know that Halloween is just another day of the year. It falls between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, which is why the Celts and other cultures celebrated it; why All Saints’ Day is tomorrow and the like. However, there’s a part of me that is still superstitious about it. It’s the same part of me that fasts on Yom Kippur, compulsively wishes on stars, and always feels up the backs of wardrobes looking for secret doors to other worlds that my intellect is fairly certain don’t exist.

This part of me was into witchcraft in my early teens, mostly because my intellect knew that it was all crap, but the other part of me (I’m calling it the superstitious part, even though most people think “superstition” is a negative term and that’s not how I’m using it) thought that it would be cool if there actually was something to it. Incidentally, nothing came of any of the spells I cast, except for the fact that the one person I put a larger hex on (she was supposed to, like, stutter every other Thursday or something) became a wiccan and is all into paganism and stuff now. Hmmm!

So this is the part of me that lights candles on Halloween to put in the window per an old Celtic tradition that says it will lead your recently dead relatives home. Not that I particularly want my recently deceased grandmother hanging out in ghost form to let me know how fat I am and how she doesn’t like my hair, but it always seems like a nice idea. According to Celtic tradition, the walls between the otherworld and this world are the thinnest on All Hallow’s Eve, which means it’s ripe for divination. So, if you put a wooden bowl of well water under your bed while you sleep, you should dream of the person you’re going to marry.

This year I managed to find well water (previous years I have used lakewater, tapwater, spring water and the like) AND a wooden bowl (pyrex and aluminum didn’t seem to cut it) AND have a bed that I can put stuff under (putting it next to the mattress on the floor I used to sleep on wasn’t very effective) AND remember to do it (a number of years I just plain forgot, or had the stuff ready and then forgot)! I started trying to do this when I lived in Ireland… I think that was 1996. So, it’s taken me 13 years to get all four items in place at once. Let’s see if anything happens! In previous years I haven’t remembered any dream I had that night, which always led me to believe that I was never getting married (pretty safe assumption!).

Gay Rob predicts that tonight I’ll dream about Seth Green (::swoon::), since I keep getting phone calls from the future where the caller says “Mrs. Green?” when I pick up the phone. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Jack, the Man Of The House where I work’s last name is Greene. Of course not! There is no Mrs. Greene! Laura didn’t change her last name when she married him! It is obviously someone calling from the future when I’m married to Seth Green! So, we’ll see. Heh.

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