Fun With Pets

November 7, 2009 at 3:34 am Leave a comment

My apartment is a feline vomitorium right now thanks to my lack of a kitchen. Let me elucidate… I don’t have much counter space, so after I made a nice dinner of George Forman-grilled salmon, I had it on my plate and went to balance the plate on the tiny piece of counter I have. It went crashing to the floor, flaking into little bits. I rescued most of it, but the rest got in the carpet and the cats had a fish gobbling orgy before I could even reach for a rag to attempt to clean it up.

Now they are discovering that salmon doesn’t really agree with them and are leaving me gooey little fishy-smelling presents all over the apartment. Oh boy do I love having pets right now!

On another note, I went to Norwood today to pick up a couple of African Dwarf frogs that Dana, this chick I know from Allston was giving away. Norwood is about 30.2 miles away on mostly highway and Google Maps estimated that it would take 39 minutes.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA!!! I am laughing so hard right now! I’m delirious with laughter! It took me just short of an hour just to get on the non-Boston side of the Ted Williams tunnel! The entire way there I didn’t go more than 40 MPH and most of the time I didn’t even get out of second gear. Oy vey.

ANYWAY, I now have 2 adorable little frogs + 2 “janitor” snails that keep the tank clean.

I’m not sure what to name them. They ARE frogs, so I was thinking Olivier and Françoise. I was toying with Janet the Janitor for one snail and perhaps Jan the Janitor (Yon the Yonitor like Jan Hammer) for the other one. Hmm.


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Oy vey. rock!

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