I have a Disorder!

December 3, 2009 at 3:43 am Leave a comment

My ear has been hurting for about a month now, but it didn’t start getting really bad until yesterday. So, I decided to go see the doctor, since I have health insurance and the the fact that my ear was shooting sharp jagged bolts of fiery pain down my throat wasn’t terribly pleasant. You know how much I hate going to doctors. I hate it; I never have anything that’s fixable. They always just kind of shake their head and say, “well we can’t find anything wrong,” or “it’s a virus; there’s nothing we can do” etc. Sure, my digestive system often goes on strike, I have unconquerable allergies and my back occasionally feel like someone is twisting my spinal cord with spiky gloves of fire– while annoying, none of that is particularly life-threatening, nor is it anything you can really fix. All in all, I’m a pretty healthy person.

So today I went to see the doctor (and let me add that Carlos the office nurse is ONE FINE HOTTIE), and she poked around my ears, looked up my nose and down my throat, and decided that my ear pain is caused by TMJD, or Temporomandibular joint disorder. Basically, the joint that connects my jaws is having a bad hair day. Doesn’t it sound cool, though? I don’t think there’s really anything you can do to fix it, but at least now when co-workers at Four Seasons are bitching about their various ailments, I can say, with an air of authority, “well my Temporomandibular joint disorder is acting up again. Must be the weather.” HAHAHAHAHA AS IF!!!!!

Speaking of Four Seasons, I worked this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday doing the Great Holiday Decoration Installation at several office and apartment buildings downtown. 23 hours of work in 2 days– holy crap. I refuse to climb a ladder again any time this year. I have 29 days. I am confident that I can achieve this goal. Yes, I climbed up and down a 10-foot ladder about 800 times on Sunday because I had to install a display above 2 revolving doors at One Post Office Square. Once I got both displays all set up, the head dude changed his mind and decided that he wanted it to light up, so I had to change everything out (including the giant grapevine balls that I had spent a long time cutting all the lights off of because we didn’t need them before), re-light everything or find new items with lights (half of which turned out to be broken). Basically, it was a lengthy, painful, drawn-out exercise in futility. It looks good, though, I’ll admit. Boy am I SO OVER Christmas though!

But, even though I’m over Christmas, I’m still going to work as holiday help back at good ole Newbury Comics. That should be fun. I really like working there, though I feel completely out of touch with pop culture these days.


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