Tasted of the Forbidden Fruit

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I haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving, you know, with turkey and stuffing and the whole nine yards since the early 90s, I think. Actually, I think it was before that, since we went to Aunt Marg’s house sometimes, and she died in the early 90s (she was a super awesome cook. I miss her and her turkey dinners!). Moth always goes to Slug’s family’s place for Tofurkey Day, and Pad and Uzi always did stuff with friends or not, depending on their mood. Thus nobody in my immediate family ever cooked a meal and after all the great-aunts died, it was all over. Thus, Thanksgiving is a traditional time for me to rent bad movies and get Chinese take-out. When I lived with Rae, we went bar hopping on Oppress a Native American Day. This year, however, I celebrated twice!

On Thanksgiving itself I went to Jack & Laura’s, which was awesome. The turkey was amazing (and gigantic) and all the fixin’s etc. were divine. Laura’s parents are really cool and Jack’s mother wasn’t as crazy as I was warned about. The following Sunday I had turkey and stuffing (the stuffing is the key) with Tanya and Terrence and, again, it was super awesome! The Monday and Tuesday following Thanksgiving I ate leftovers for lunch and dinner (Tanya sent me home with a doggie bag and at Jack & Laura had plenty of leftovers for lunch). However, after that, Jack went on turkey strike, so Laura put the rest of the leftovers in the downstairs freezer to be made into pot pies and things at a later date.

Now I’m an addict. I am craving turkey like crazy and dream about stuffing and cranberry sauce. I definitely have not gotten my fill of leftovers to the point where I am contemplating cooking another dinner myself! I know this will never happen, though, since I now have a third job and my next week has 61 hours of work scheduled. Last year when I worked at Newbury Comics for the Christmas Season, I think they scheduled me for a grand total of 3 days total. This year, however, they have me scheduled for every single day next week plus Saturday. I expect to drop dead sometime around Thursday. However, I will be swimming in the dough! I will fill a swimming pool full of gold coins and dive into it! (I’ll be rich, so the laws of physics won’t apply to me and thus I won’t break my neck when diving in). The problem is, I won’t have any time to buy presents for people because I’ll be working every single second that the stores are open. So, I got a bunch of supplies this weekend to make people stuff. I’ve been hunched over my drafting table (my project table, as it folds down flat) making stuff and now I think my neck is permanently bowed! However, I do have a good jump on presents and am not panicking yet.

You see, I love giving people presents. Seriously. I’m a compulsive present giver. Ever since I was a little kid I would save up all my money to blow on presents for people. I like the whole game of listening in and remembering what people bitch about during the year, so I can try to remedy it when they open their package. So, giving people stuff is a big deal for me, and usually I make stuff, also because I just like making stuff, and also because I’m usually totally broke. I should probably get back to making things now.

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Holiday Trees can bite me PLEASE KILL ME

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