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So I mentioned that I had no idea when I signed onto a 3rd job that I’d be working so many hours. Next week I’m scheduled for 29 hours I think, at the new job alone, including 3 7-hour days. This is all fine and good. I enjoy working at Newbury Comics! It’s an awesome job!

However, My primary job is driving me crazy. The baby is a cranky little bastard 100% of the time now. He struggles to break free if i pick him up, but the second I put him down he freaks out and wants me to pick him up. He hates all his toys, but hates it equally if I take them away. The only thing that makes him somewhat content (not happy, just not cranky) is destroying things. Pulling all the DVDs in the house off their shelves or relieving bookcases of the burden of their contents is the only thing that eases the pain of existence for him.

He will entertain himself for short periods of time, but he is not content because he keeps chucking things about an inch and a half out of his reach. Instead of trying to get the thing (he can roll around and sort of crawl; he is perfectly capable of, say, diving off of a bed or maneuvering to the coffee table with the loose glass top to pull cups of coffee off), he will whine and cry until someone hands it to him.

He, predictably, hates to nap and getting him to go to sleep is an hour-and-a-half to two-hour painful, drawn out process. Of course, the sleepier he gets the crankier he becomes and thus the more determined he gets to avoid anything resembling sleep at all costs. Sleep is the enemy. Toys are the enemy. I am the enemy. The only other thing that brings a modicum of contentment to the miserable existence that is his life is to pick tiny crumbs off the carpet and eat them. The ironic thing is that he won’t eat any real food (though he’ll drink tons of milk as long as it is less than 0.3 degrees too warm or cold). Food is the enemy. We’re supposed to be encouraging him to eat real food (the pediatrician apparently said that 60% of his diet is supposed to come from solid food at this point), but he won’t eat anything except carpet crumbs.

I used to freak out when he ate things off the floor, and would try to fish them out of his mouth, but he caught onto this. Now he will make eye contact with me, pick a crumb off the floor, hold it up for me to see it and then stuff it into his mouth, all the while keeping eye contact to maximize the freaking out factor. Needless to say, I let him eat whatever he finds now as I lack the stamina to be fishing minuscule pieces of whatever out of his drooling, biting (he has some teeth now), uncooperative face. I figure he can’t choke on the tiny pieces, and since the carpet gets vacuumed fairly frequently, there’s probably nothing too poisonous on there. I wonder… if I were to sprinkle pieces of actual food around the carpet would he eat it? Probably not. He’s pretty smart; he’d totally see through that ruse in no time.

Anyway, I am completely wiped out these days and don’t have another day off until the 20th (when I have to spend the day driving to CNY). I am psyched that I have about an hour and 15 minutes today when I’m not working! Plus, the boss of my 3rd job is pissed that I won’t be around the week of Christmas. This is the first year in like 6 years that I haven’t had a job that is dependent on the Christmas season for its livelihood so I’ve decided to spend some QT with my family since I never see them… oh well I can’t change that now.

I suppose the good part is that my insomnia is much better than it was– being exhausted all the time at least helps me sleep at night!


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