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Seriously, it is.

First of all, I’M GOING TO MEXICO in a month!

Second of all, I found Cadbury’s Caramel bars here in Cambridge. Where, you ask? At some hip boutique that imports English candy? At a fancy coffee house that caters to the Eurotrash crowd? No, it was at CVS. Seriously. Not only were they at CVS, but they were freaking BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.

Did I mention I’m going to Mexico?

Not only am I going to Mexico with Moth, but we’re staying in a hotel whose claim to fame is that it boasts a giant glowing cactus in the lobby.

glowing cactus

Is that wicked awesome or what? A GLOWING CACTUS. If it blinked neon letter that said “Yo, Scooter!” it wouldn’t be more welcoming to me!

What else? Oh yeah, I’ve been eating lots of yummy tacos. Tacos are awesome, but soon I will be eating real ones that are genuinely Mexican, and not Mexicanoid filtered through Old El Paso.

I’ve been watching the show “The Middle Man” which is possibly the awesomest show ever made. Tanya lent me the DVDs a while ago and I started watching it, but got sidetracked. So, I watched the entire series recently as I painted my new dollhouse.

Yes, I now have THREE dollhouses, thanks to Mikala being too old to care about them anymore. I painted the biggest one orange with yellow trim and pea green windowboxes. It looks nicer than it sounds.

I won a Lorne from “Angel” action figure on eBay for wicked cheap and it came in the mail super fast. He is awesome wearing a yellow sparkly suit!


Did I mention I’m going to Mexico?

Basically, My life RULES.


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Experiments in Mex-Italian fusion cuisine Dear U.S. State Department, Please Bite me.

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