Grey Hair!

January 21, 2010 at 4:13 pm Leave a comment

I found my first grey hair yesterday! I know I should be bummed out or something, but I think it’s kind of cool. It’s a milestone, like getting your first tooth or a drivers’ license or whatever. I feel distinguished!

Of course I found it on the most annoying day of my plant care career– I think that was probably what turned my hair grey in the first place!

Here’s a boring rundown of my odyssey at the Harvard Business School Chapel…

I get to the chapel and one tree is dead. DEAD. It takes a lot to kill a tree, mind you– trees do not die easily! These trees are in a giant greenhouse-like thing and planted in terraces of dirt like real plants, not in pots like houseplants. So one sweet olive tree is stone dead and the other one (this one is like 20 feet high, the one that died was only about 5 or 6 feet high) is on its deathbed. I freak out and call the office.

The office sends Jill & Luis over to check out the damage, they determine that it’s a combination of too cold (the thermostat was set at 74, but the temperature reads 50) for the delicate tropical plants + some disease.

So I go to water the rest of the plants and discover that my hoses are all gone. In fact, all the hoses in the building are gone– someone has cleaned out the boiler room where all the supplies are kept and there is nothing there… except a little American flag stuck to one of the beams. I get annoyed because the day before was Election Day and Massachusetts had lost Ted Kennedy’s seat to the first Republican senator elected in MA in 38 years. I blame the flag planter!

Anyway, I call the office again to tell them about the hose situation. They said they were sending Davey over with a new hose (the warehouse is only about 3 miles or so away from the chapel). I prune stuff and cut off cold damaged leaves until Davey shows up with the hose.

He leaves and I hook up the hose… and there’s a gigantic gash in it and it spews water everywhere. Meanwhile, it’s getting close to dusk and the chapel’s light switches are locked in a room for which I don’t have a key, not that it would matter much anyway since there aren’t any lights in the main part of the building which is all windows.

Luckily Dave brought 2 hoses to link together to give more length and the second hose was OK. The part that hooks up to the faucet leaks like crazy spewing water all over me and the floor, but that’s fairly normal for a day at the Chapel.

Finally I’m done and I go to clean up all the water… but the mop head is gone. The handle that was sticking out that I thought was the mop was just a handle. There’s a mop bucket, but no mop. Of course! So I spent an hour trying to sop up the giant puddles with a paint-soaked rag I found hanging on the sink.

I go to put away the hose, but of course whoever took the original hoses away also too the reel to wind up the hoses, so I attempt to coil it up myself. Thus I get soaking wet for the second time that day since the hose had been dragged through the giant puddle left by the leaky hose! The hose is one of the industrial kinds that’s really stiff and hard to coil, so I end up wrapping it around a garbage can and securing it with the bungee cord that came around it. It doesn’t look pretty but hey, at least it was over!

no wonder I have grey hair now!

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