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New Pets!!

I have new mice! I got them on Wednesday. They are from a lab at MIT where Pete works– he knows the chick who breeds the lab mice and she likes to give extras away. So now I have two mice, born on January 23rd! Their names are Emeline and Vera and they are brown and adorable. They’re really tame, too!

vera & emeline
Douchebag loves them. He stares endlessly at the tank and occasionally gets overzealous and tries to catch them, which ends up in him smacking the tank and looking confused. It’s very cute.

Damn, it’s so weird that a week ago I was in Mexico. it seems like it was years ago! Did it really happen? Whoa. Anyway…

I actually got a lot done this past weekend. Of course, none of it was the useful kind of done, like depositing my paycheck, doing laundry, washing the dishes or any other kind of done where you can cross things off of a to-do list. What I did do was the fun kind of doing-stuff. I made a jungle gym for Vera and Emeline. The Mouse Chick said that mice like to climb on stuff, so I made them a couple of platforms with ladders and a rope bridge to another platform. I hope they enjoy it. I haven’t actually seen them use it yet, but they’re nocturnal so they could be frolicking all night long and I’d never see it!

I also bought some new wallpaper for the dollhouse and put up a room divider (and wallpapered it) so that there’s an extra bedroom and the bathroom isn’t so gigantic. A.C. Moore, the craft store where I got the wallpaper was having a sale on dollhouses so I bought a conservatory room (dollhouse add on) that was wicked cheap. I put it together, but since the instructions weren’t written by sentient beings and the design wasn’t made for a place with laws of physics that pertain to this dimension, it’s a little wonky. It looks OK though. I think I can finagle it to work right! I also made a chandelier for the dollhouse– this picture doesn’t do it justice. It highlights all the wrong things! It looks much classier and less like a pile of clear plastic in real life! I will take better pictures of it.
dollhouse chandelier (crappy pic)

I also made a bunch of curling stones and brooms, but the setting isn’t very good– I have to build a better rink and light it so I can take decent pictures of it!

curling dollhouse figures
(sweepers are Andy Kaufman and Oz from Buffy, a Dalek is the skip and the thrower was Pippin from LotR, but he didn’t fit in the picture– other team’s skip is Shaft, + Gwen from Torchwood, Spike from Buffy & Hugh Borg).

As you can see, I’m having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with all this! I’m also running out of space in my teeny little apartment! I bought a new dollhouse kit (AC Moore– it was on sale for $50, marked down from $250– my tax refund!) I’m working on a heliport for my one house and still have to get the satanic altar up and running in the other. Is there a job where I can just set up and make stuff for dollhouses all day? That’s my dream job! Why don’t any of my dream jobs exist (name expert, experimental bacon chef, action figure setter upper)?

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Back to the cold north…

I got back from Mexico yesterday. It was AWESOME!!!! I even was understanding a lot of Spanish and able to say words and phrases here and there towards the end. I can read pretty well it turns out (I read the first 3 pages of “Twilight” (“Crepúsculo”) in a bookstore), but I can’t understand much and I can’t speak for shit! Contrary to what every one says, “everyone speaks English there” really doesn’t apply. Sure, most people know about as much English as I know Spanish, but at times the Spanglish interchanges got a little confusing. For example, I went to eat dinner at this cafe near the hotel– the menu was hand written on the door. Locals were gathered around a small tv watching lucha libre with poor reception (the tv, not the audience!). The owner started listing things to me. I just said “yes” to one. I didn’t know what it was, but I figure there is very little out there that I don’t like, and the likelihood of a small local cafe with 3 tables in it serving durian, parsnips or blue popsicles is very low. It turned out to be some nice chicken thing with frijoles negros (black beans). When the guy said some conjugation of “beber” (to drink), I said “jugo de naranja?” (orange juice). It turned out they were out of orange juice, so he held up two different juices, one purple and one a milky white. I pointed to the purple one. It was delicious! I have absolutely no idea what it was, and I even asked, but I didn’t write it down, and when I asked again, the guy thought he hadn’t understood me and said something else. Oh well. When I sat down they changed the tv to “Remember the Titans.” it’s kind of surreal watching Denzel Washington give stirring speeches dubbed in Spanish. All in all the trip was super awesome!!!

We went to Chichén Itza and Uzmal which are two Mayan ruin sites. Thus, most of my pictures are of piles of rocks. I took 400 pictures and, well, probably 3/4 of them are of ruins. Look! It’s a crumbling archway! Look! It’s half a doorway! Look! It’s 5 pictures of a tumbled down wall! Anyway, I have some of them here. My new camera is awesome, but I don’t know how to set it to take smaller pictures. Thus every one is like humongous and takes forever to upload and I am way too lazy to go into Photoshop and make them all smaller. Here are the ones of Mérida and Chichén Itza:

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