Riches Abound!

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So I sold that Polaroid camera for $126 + $40 shipping to some dude in Holland. I sold it THE VERY DAY that they started selling Polaroid film again. Oh well, I guess I’m glad to have another thing out of the house. Yay! I put my Timex Sinclair up on eBay and it’s already at $50 with 5 days left of the auction. At the rate I’m going I’ll be able to… buy lots more yoghurt at Hole Foods!


Yes, I have an infection *down there*. It’s not a very bad one, just kind of annoying. When you’re a chick, stuff like this happens– you have all sorts of different types of bacteria living in Those Regions, and normally they live in a nice delicate balanced harmony where they all hold flagellae (do bacteria even have those?) and sing Kum-Ba-Ya over roasting little bacterial marshmallows. Sometimes, however, something pisses them off and the mean bacteria beat up on the friendly bacteria and begin to rule your Parts. Thus you have to give pep talks to the friendly bacteria so they can take over and win control again. If you go to a doctor, he or she will most likely give you antibiotics which will kill all the bacteria, friend and foe, and thus leave it up to fate who will prevail and rule your Cooter once more. I prefer the alternative method, which is eat a metric buttload (or rather twatload as the case may be) of plain live culture yogurt which replenishes your friendly bacteria supply, cut down on sugar (that’s what the mean bacteria eat) and drink unsweetened cranberry juice. Yick. However, this fits in nicely with the My-Stomach-Is-Killing-Me diet and this is why I’m buying way overpriced yogurt at Hole Foods. Why Hole Foods? Because that place is so freaking expensive it’s like a giant hole you pour cash into in order to get a tiny amount of food out. This yogurt is AWESOME though. I’ve been eating it with the particularly hippie kind of granola that you get in bulk (whole grains are good for all sorts of stomach and cootchie related things) and damn it’s tasty. You can never take the Ithacan out of me I guess.

On the new car front, I went to get it inspected and lo and behold… it needed FOUR FUCKING NEW ROTORS!!! WTF?!?!? If you are not stupid, you should NEVER have to change rotors. If you change the brake pads in a timely manner, your rotors will stay beautiful forever. Why then did a guy who was supposedly a Volkswagen mechanic sell me a car with FOUR rotors with deep rusty gouges in them? Grrr. I will never know. I had to have them fixed that day too, because you only get 7 days to get your car inspected after you transfer the registration and Wednesday was my last day to do it. Otherwise, changing rotors is pretty straightforward– you can get them cheap at a junkyard and do them yourself (I did this to the purple car years ago because of its stupid congenital brake problem which no mechanic ever believed existed). The hot Lebanese car repair guy said that the rest of the car looked great, though, so with any luck I will not have to get anything fixed for a long long time. Let’s hope.


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