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Just because I watch a lot of movies…

doesn’t mean I could actually MAKE a movie. I think a lot of people (or at least me because I have this weird idea in the back of my head that I can pretty much do anything even though I would probably suck at it) think that just because they watch people doing things, they can do it to (i.e., be a politician, play football). OK, maybe it’s just my own hubris. I’ve had this idea for a screenplay knocking around in the back of my head for several years now. Remember National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)? Well they have another thing, Script Frenzy, which is the same thing only you write a screenplay. So, I started mine. Wow, this is really freaking hard! I had to pick something annoying, too. My screenplay is the dramatization of a bunch of Irish folk ballads, all woven together into one epic story. Of course this requires a buttload of historical research since it’s set in the 1880s. It involves a chick who dresses up like a dude and joins the navy. I borrowed a bunch of books from Tanya about women sailors and read through them, but I realized that they weren’t very helpful since this may be a woman, but she’s still living the life of a man. Anyway, I had to refresh my brain about Parnell and Home Rule and the Kilmainham Treaty and all that shizzle. Then I had to look into the landowning situation. Of course all of this stuff is just background noise and not completely central to the plot. I’m just a slave to historical accuracy. I didn’t want this to be like Far And Away where pretty much everything made me cringe with the inaccuracies of it all (though I -heart- Chief O’Brien). All of this, however, is an excuse because whatever bit of dialogue I get out onto a page sounds insanely cheesy. It’s awful. My biggest fear in life is to be cliché, and so far I am failing miserably at avoiding it. Maybe I’ll read some more Liam O’Flaherty books to get some better dialogue in my head that’s not so Lucky Charms meets Irish Spring Soap.


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