Job 2: always an exercise in aggravation

April 15, 2010 at 3:43 pm Leave a comment

I’m pretty OK for money. I pretty much only work Job #2 because I like it. For job 2 I take care of the plants in the chapel at Harvard Business School. It’s this awesome Logan’s Run type place filled with plants and a pool with a waterfall and sometimes, when everything is working properly, $4000 koi swimming around. The chapel was built in the early ’90s, and it getting to the point where things need to be repaired and upgraded (i.e., masonry, plumbing, electricity, heating system etc.). Each thing is being taken care of by a different contractor, none of whom know the other ones and who apparently don’t report to anyone at Harvard. Thus every week just about there’s some new complication: one week the door lock people had messed up the locks. One week the water pressure was too low so I couldn’t use the hose. For several weeks they were re-cementing the pool and had all access blocked off.

This week I went and the glee club was practicing in the chapel part. This was particularly painful because they haven’t been practicing very long and, well, they sounded really painfully bad. I went around trying to ignore them, pruning trees and pulling up dead ferns wondering what I had done in a past life to deserve this kind of torture. When I got the hose out to water everything, the water had been shut off. So, I went to the security office who called an office who called another office who finally reported that some contractors were working on the filtration system and they had no idea when things would be back to normal. Argh. HQ called HBS and finally got it out of someone that the water should be back on today, but of course I have to work all week which means that I have to go in on my freaking SATURDAY to water the plants. This means I could have spared my poor tender ears the cacophony of hearing wealthy future business leaders of the world trying to belt out things that sounded suspiciously gospel-esque. Oy vey! At least I got my company to put in some pomegranate trees! I am really excited about them!

HBS chapel


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