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I understand that I am stupid. Can I stop being punished now?

For the past several days I have been barfing with exciting episodes of digestive troubles that sway between diarrhea and constipation and sometimes both at once. “Impossible!” you say! No, it’s not. I’m not going to explain the mechanics of it right now in the interest of TMI, but suffice to day it’s extremely unpleasant. With all of this comes stomach aches and headaches.

What’s wrong with me?

I don’t have health insurance.

Argh. So because I don’t have insurance I have to get my drugs straight from the ghetto clinic again (this will only be possible for 28 days, then I’m screwed). Somehow along the line they got my prescription messed up and gave me a lower dose than I was taking. Because of this, I’m going through withdrawal, hence the digestive maladies– for some reason this drug wreaks havoc with my digestive system. Today was beautiful and sunny– a perfect biking day! I spent it inside because I felt too barfy to leave the house. I could call my doctor and have her call in another prescription, but I’m sure that would screw up my 28 day maximum. Plus, she’s doing a residency or whatever at the ghetto clinic and her time is pretty much up. It’s the time of year where I get a new shrink. I’ve had 5 or 6 so far. I should really get a stable, omnipresent, reliable shrink, but for some reason it’s impossible to find one in Boston who has spaces open for new patients. Besides, some of the insurance I’ve had in the past wasn’t taken by real reputable doctors.

I know this is all my fault. Had I paid better attention to the notice I got back in January I wouldn’t be in this situation. The state health insurance people found out about my part time gig at Newbury Comics and said I had some amount of time to prove that I was still making under $32k a year (the maximum allowed to qualify for the state health plan). I wrote them a note saying I only worked this part time job for 3 weeks and even so made $8 an hour, so it really didn’t affect my status in the least. They wrote back and said I needed to submit proof. I called and asked what. They said a tax return would work. Since it was the beginning of January, I hadn’t done my taxes yet, so I forgot about it. Then they cancelled my insurance. Yes, I know I was negligent and stupid and should have stayed on top of it all. So, a few weeks ago I submitted a form asking for a hearing to potentially reverse the decision. I have absolutely no idea when or if I will get a hearing; apparently you only hear about it 10 days before it’s going to happen. So, I re-applied for insurance. Of course this process will take like forever and meanwhile I will be barfing my guts out and probably being completely depressed because you’re not supposed to go cold turkey off these brain drugs (Wellbutrin & Zoloft).

I understand I screwed up! I am stupid! I suck! Now please, god of health insurance, expedite shit so I can stop feeling like crap all the time! I know you have tons of homeless pregnant teenage immigrants to deal with, but really. I had to go home early on Friday and I’m not feeling a whole lot better. This is going to affect my job performance which will ultimately make my income go down which means I will be in a lower bracket for health care and thus will pay less out of pocket and have more subsidized by the government. Speed shit up if you don’t want to have to pay more for my nauseous ass!

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Gotta Love Facebook

Facebook seems to be the new place where weirdos, family members, people you haven’t seen since elementary school, people who you met once at a party etc. can get together and annoy each other. There are many instant ways to do this, the old “POST THIS AS YOUR STATUS IF YOU DON’T THINK OBAMA SHOULD KILL KITTENS” statuses, “liking” groups and pages such as the now famous “DEAR LORD, THIS YEAR YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTOR, PATRICK SWAYZIE. YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE ACTRESS, FARAH FAWCETT. YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE SINGER, MICHAEL JACKSON. I JUST WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW, MY FAVORITE PRESIDENT IS BARACK OBAMA. AMEN.” and the 80 million pages to ban it. For the record, i did not think this page should be banned– sure it’s in bad taste, but once we start banning things that are mildly offensive, there’s no limit to what will go since I’m sure you could probably find someone who is offended by things like kittens and puppies.

Anyway, there’s a lot of Christian ranting that goes on, but thankfully I don’t get too much of it since I don’t have a lot of crazy Christian friends. I do, however, have a crazy Muslim “friend.” I “friended” a bunch of random strangers because I needed more neighbors for this stupid game I’m addicted to (My Town). One of these people is always posting stuff about Allah being awesome and the like. Now, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt because she’s Muslim and in general, Muslims don’t get in my face and bug me like Christians do. However, I am not a fan of any kind of fundamentalist religion, be it Judaism, Christianity, Islam or even Buddhism. Wiccans and Pagans have been known to get on my nerves as well. So anyway, am I being a racist jerk when stuff like this really annoys me?

facebook thing

Kufir = “non-believer”
Insha’allah = “god willing”
Afwan = “you’re welcome”

P.S. those aren’t the real pictures that were up on FB.

I don’t know what irritates me more, the righteousness or the bad grammar and spelling. Every religion has people like this, but this chick posts like 800 things a day. It’s not just messages like this, though– she also posts articles of dubious credibility about all sorts of conspiracy theories. She seems to think that the government is about to implant microchips into all of our brains (she posts a lot of things along these lines).

The moral of the story is: don’t friend random strangers, no matter how hard up you are for neighbors in My Town!

On another note, it kind of bugs me that people are freaking out about an Islamic Community Center that’s being planned near the site of the World Trade Center Towers. Come on people, you can’t hold an entire religion responsible for what a few zealots do. The Muslim community is building a center for everyone in order to promote cooperation and community between different religions and stuff. It’s not just for Muslims. People need to chill out. Notice how I’m not saying all Muslims are like the above Facebook Freak, just like they are not all about to strap bombs to themselves and blow up school buses. This world is whack, yo.

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The weird-ass diet is working!

You know how I know the weird-ass diet is working? The people at 15/17 Alcott had a party the other night with lots of yummy food. After sampling everything (many more than once!) I spent a while sitting next to a bowl of chocolate covered pretzels. I freaking LOVE those things! They’re kind of expensive, too, so I never buy them. The entire time my intellect was saying “holy crap you are full. Your stomach cannot hold another thing thanks to all of the enchiladas and Rob’s tasty chili with olives that you ingested.” However, my non-intellect… emotions, impulses, whatever you call it was screaming “WANT WANT WANT GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!” I didn’t eat any of them, though, because I was too full. It was very strange… usually I have no problem making room for dessert! I had to waste some awesome ginger ice cream while eating sushi with Lil Bitch the other night too, due to extreme fullness. ME! Wasting ice cream! Can you believe it? Think of all the starving children in Ethiopia or wherever who would love a bowl of ice cream! I will be back to my regular less fat self in no time! I’m not setting my goals very high– I want to be realistic about this. I gained 15 lbs this winter and can’t fit into any of my shorts. I’d like to lose that 15 lbs., any more than that is just a bonus.

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Thank you, strange dude!

Today I went to the Kendall to see the movie “Please Give,” which of course was sold out. I think it was opening weekend for it, and well, this is Cambridge and the movie was about pretty much everyone who lives here. So, instead I saw “Greenberg,” which was one of those movies that made you cringe from the awkwardness of the situations the messed-up characters get themselves into. It was pretty good, though.

At the Kendall parking garage, you get your ticket when you go in, take it into the theater to have it validated and then pay the rest of the parking fee at the booth when you leave. Instead of having a booth that you drive up to, you go to a window on the ground floor of the parking garage, wait in line with everyone else who just got out of a movie, and then have the people behind bullet proof glass re-validate the ticket so you can leave. Somewhere in this process I managed to lose my ticket. I got it validated by the movie theater… I think I must have thrown it out by accident when I chucked the napkin that my pretzel came in. So I’m standing in the garage at the window going through all my pockets and papers shoved in my bag and can’t find it. The dude behind the glass says I’ll have to pay the fee for a full day’s parking, which is $20 (a major steal in the Boston area!). Of course they don’t take credit cards and I don’t have enough cash on me so now I have to find an ATM. The dude behind the window calls me back and says if I get something stamped by the movie people that might suffice. Meanwhile, this scrawny scruffy looking 20-something stoner-type dude appears out of nowhere and says “hey, you can have this one, I have an extra” and holds out a validated ticket. He gets his own ticket validated and the guy behind the counter is intrigued. “Hey, how did you get that extra ticket?” he kept asking the stoner dude. The scrawny dude just kept making gestures and saying “I have magical ways” and “it’s a mystery” before walking off. I seriously think that was my guardian angel. I mean, “Greenberg” was good, but not $30 good! So scrawny stoner guardian angel, thank you, wherever you are!

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tv party

I started watching “The Wire”– it’s awesome!

I feel so hip watching a TV show that was made in this decade! I also started watching “30 Rock” which is really funny.

What was my point here? I can’t remember

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I -heart- living in Cambridge!

Some water main broke out in Westford, which means that all of Boston and surrounding areas have to boil their water before drinking it. One of these surrounding areas is NOT Cambridge, though! Cambridge has its own water supply which it only shares with Watham and Woburn I think. Don’t quote me on that– it’s 2 other smallish places with at least one of them starting with a W. Anyway, all the towns bordering Cambridge 2 or 3 deep on all sides are without water while I have all of the ice cubes, iced tea and water I can drink. This is awesome because it was 87 degrees out yesterday and potable water was definitely something I appreciated.

I went to K-Mart to pick up some clothespins and they were all out of bottled water. There was practically rioting. Apparently this is happening all over the place as people are rushing to stores and hoarding water like crazy. My friends aren’t too affected by this– they’ve just switched to drinking booze, but a lot of people are freaking out.

Come on people– boiling water isn’t that hard. At least you don’t have to haul muddy water from a well and then strain it before boiling! Be thankful you have water at all!

Also, there hasn’t been any sign that Montezuma’s Revenge or Beaver Fever or anything else lurks in the water; boiling is just a precautionary measure. People need to calm the fuck down. Of course, this is coming from the person who is drinking a tall glass of clean fresh water as we speak (I brought a jug from home to work today).

Cambridge water tastes kind of gross. I noticed this when I first moved from Boston, but I will never complain about it again!

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Having a president who’s not a retard is awesome!

Sure President Obama has his faults (liking clean coal, offshore drilling etc.), but come on. The dude is smart, articulate, and FUNNY. This is hilarious:

So maybe he didn’t write all the jokes himself. At least he has some comic timing and can laugh at himself!

After Dubya, it’s awesome to have a prez who doesn’t make you want to cringe every time you hear him speak!

On a side note, I think it’s kind of funny that the head of the United States Justice Foundation is named Gary Kreep? I would totally change my name if it were Kreep. The main reporter for this site’s last name is Unruh, which, minus a final -e, means “unrest, disquiet; agitation” in German.

Anyway, These people maintain that even though the Obama health care bill doesn’t say anything specifically about implanting microchips in all US citizens’ brains, the government will anyway. That’s probably why they want to crack down on illegal immigrants– they are jealous that they will be the only ones with free thought!

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