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I -heart- living in Cambridge!

Some water main broke out in Westford, which means that all of Boston and surrounding areas have to boil their water before drinking it. One of these surrounding areas is NOT Cambridge, though! Cambridge has its own water supply which it only shares with Watham and Woburn I think. Don’t quote me on that– it’s 2 other smallish places with at least one of them starting with a W. Anyway, all the towns bordering Cambridge 2 or 3 deep on all sides are without water while I have all of the ice cubes, iced tea and water I can drink. This is awesome because it was 87 degrees out yesterday and potable water was definitely something I appreciated.

I went to K-Mart to pick up some clothespins and they were all out of bottled water. There was practically rioting. Apparently this is happening all over the place as people are rushing to stores and hoarding water like crazy. My friends aren’t too affected by this– they’ve just switched to drinking booze, but a lot of people are freaking out.

Come on people– boiling water isn’t that hard. At least you don’t have to haul muddy water from a well and then strain it before boiling! Be thankful you have water at all!

Also, there hasn’t been any sign that Montezuma’s Revenge or Beaver Fever or anything else lurks in the water; boiling is just a precautionary measure. People need to calm the fuck down. Of course, this is coming from the person who is drinking a tall glass of clean fresh water as we speak (I brought a jug from home to work today).

Cambridge water tastes kind of gross. I noticed this when I first moved from Boston, but I will never complain about it again!

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Having a president who’s not a retard is awesome!

Sure President Obama has his faults (liking clean coal, offshore drilling etc.), but come on. The dude is smart, articulate, and FUNNY. This is hilarious:

So maybe he didn’t write all the jokes himself. At least he has some comic timing and can laugh at himself!

After Dubya, it’s awesome to have a prez who doesn’t make you want to cringe every time you hear him speak!

On a side note, I think it’s kind of funny that the head of the United States Justice Foundation is named Gary Kreep? I would totally change my name if it were Kreep. The main reporter for this site’s last name is Unruh, which, minus a final -e, means “unrest, disquiet; agitation” in German.

Anyway, These people maintain that even though the Obama health care bill doesn’t say anything specifically about implanting microchips in all US citizens’ brains, the government will anyway. That’s probably why they want to crack down on illegal immigrants– they are jealous that they will be the only ones with free thought!

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