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Thank you, strange dude!

Today I went to the Kendall to see the movie “Please Give,” which of course was sold out. I think it was opening weekend for it, and well, this is Cambridge and the movie was about pretty much everyone who lives here. So, instead I saw “Greenberg,” which was one of those movies that made you cringe from the awkwardness of the situations the messed-up characters get themselves into. It was pretty good, though.

At the Kendall parking garage, you get your ticket when you go in, take it into the theater to have it validated and then pay the rest of the parking fee at the booth when you leave. Instead of having a booth that you drive up to, you go to a window on the ground floor of the parking garage, wait in line with everyone else who just got out of a movie, and then have the people behind bullet proof glass re-validate the ticket so you can leave. Somewhere in this process I managed to lose my ticket. I got it validated by the movie theater… I think I must have thrown it out by accident when I chucked the napkin that my pretzel came in. So I’m standing in the garage at the window going through all my pockets and papers shoved in my bag and can’t find it. The dude behind the glass says I’ll have to pay the fee for a full day’s parking, which is $20 (a major steal in the Boston area!). Of course they don’t take credit cards and I don’t have enough cash on me so now I have to find an ATM. The dude behind the window calls me back and says if I get something stamped by the movie people that might suffice. Meanwhile, this scrawny scruffy looking 20-something stoner-type dude appears out of nowhere and says “hey, you can have this one, I have an extra” and holds out a validated ticket. He gets his own ticket validated and the guy behind the counter is intrigued. “Hey, how did you get that extra ticket?” he kept asking the stoner dude. The scrawny dude just kept making gestures and saying “I have magical ways” and “it’s a mystery” before walking off. I seriously think that was my guardian angel. I mean, “Greenberg” was good, but not $30 good! So scrawny stoner guardian angel, thank you, wherever you are!

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