Robert Downey Jr: I’d still hit it

June 7, 2010 at 5:14 am Leave a comment

There are very few people I was madly in love with when I was 15 that I’d still consider hittin’ it with. Of course, I had notoriously bad taste in men when I was 15– remember I was dating Todd “Christmas was a bad investment for me” M. Who else… Simon LeBon? No. definitely not still on the hittin’ it list. The dudes from the Thompson Twins? Mmmmmmmaybe. Unlikely. Stuart Adamson? Well, he’s dead (RIP). River Phoenix? Also dead. Robert Downey Jr., however, is still in my top 10. I just saw Iron Man 2 which was pretty cool if you like stuff blowing up (like I do). I think anyone else in the lead role would have made this movie lame and predictable. Yes, RD Jr. is awesome in every movie, even that one about the town that got flooded and had the psycho killer appear whenever they played the Andrews Sisters. What was that? Oh yeah, In Dreams. Holy crap, Neil Jordan directed that! Anyway, not the greatest film on earth, but would have been 1,000 times lamer had Robert Downey Jr. not been in it. Only You was kind of a lame cutesy fluffy film, but it had strangely more depth with RDJ. So there you have it… 22 years later he’s still awesome.

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I understand that I am stupid. Can I stop being punished now? Yay Futureheads!

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