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Yay Futureheads!

It’s June, and this is the first show I’ve been to this year. Is it really? I’m checking my calendar. Yup. That’s kind of pathetic. However, it was worth the concert celibacy because the Futureheads RULED!!!! Damn I love that band; I have for years. They’re the kind of band that art students and the snottier Anglophile indie rock nerds loved when they first came out… but the love of these types is always fickle and thus the hype died down once they were no longer new and shiny. I, however, bought their second, third and fourth albums which all are pretty sweet. I bought their latest one on Friday and listened to it non-stop all weekend so I’d know some of their new songs. These guys are really funny! They have a lot of goofy little conversations and anecdotes in between songs. Plus they have a lot of energy and it’s contagious. This is a good thing when you’re performing live! They got the fairly typically stoic Boston crowd clapping and singing along. I remember the last time they were in town (4 years ago?) I was too poor to afford to make the show; I still wish I had gone. However, I’m sure this show more than made up for it! They played “Robot” as the second song; that’s my favorite! I also love their cover of “Hounds of Love”– it’s one of the few covers that I like better than the original.

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