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Adventures in Cuteness

So last week the Little Dude was a demonic hellspawn. This week he is being insanely cute. Today we did all sorts of things to Timothy, his doll. Actually, Timothy began life as his mother’s doll– he’s a homemade Cabbage Patch Kid– but the Little Dude has wholeheartedly adopted him. Timothy has been wearing LD’s hat a lot (LD has a fixation with hats), and today he decided that perhaps Timothy had a stinky butt. He made the universal “Do I need to change the baby’s diaper?” sniffing sound while pulling at Timothy’s shorts. So I “changed” Timothy’s diaper (i.e., took off the bit of cut up t-shirt held in place with a safety pin and put it back on). When I did this, I noticed that Timothy has a really disturbing belly button. Now I have a problem with belly buttons in the first place, but this one is extra creepy– it’s a homemade attempt at an inny; it looks like a ragged sutured hole that one would find somewhere on Frankenstein’s monster. When I saw it, its hideousness took me by surprise; I waved my hands around in the air and went “BBLLLAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” LD thought this was hilarious, and thus for the rest of the day would drag Timothy over to me (conveniently by the hand-friendly curly hair), pull his shirt up and point at the irregularly stitched crater while waving one hand around and laughing. It would have been really funny (yes, even the 500th time) had the belly button not disturbed me so much!

Timothy also had some snacks in LD’s baby chair. however, LD discovered that food actually works better if you balance it on Timothy’s big glued-on nose, so Poor Tim had a large-ish chuck of string cheese balanced on his face for several hours.

divine on the divan
L to R: Timothy, Little Dude

LD also has this habit, when he’s angry or annoyed, or sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of it, makes this very satanic-sounding growling noise. When he’s pissed, it usually forms around the words “kaaaaaaa kaaaaaaa kaaaaaa” (“car car car”) and when he’s not pissed, it just comes out as a very possessed-sounding growl. Always looking for an opportunity for entertainment at the Little Dude’s expense, Rob & I taught him how to use the voice to say “REDRUM!” Now we can get him to growl out “REDRUM,” but in his mind, it sounds like “Rob Rob,” which is what he calls Rob. So, he’ll sometimes growl out “ROB ROB” or segue REDRUM into ROB ROB in a normal voice. It’s kind of hilarious that in his mind, the word for his adopted uncle is synonymous with “murder” backwards. He cracks me up.

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