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Adventures in Cuteness II

Oh yeah, I forgot another thing The Little Dude and I did today. Last week we went to the park where LD became seriously enamored with geese. Since “geese” sounds like the word he says that functions as “teeth,” “please” and “peas,” it fit in nicely to his vocabulary. Today, he started talking about geese (I think– he might have been talking about peas; had he been discussing teeth, he would have provided a visual clue and since nothing was being offered, I don’t think it was please). So I went to YouTube and pulled up some videos of geese. People are always videotaping wildlife and sticking their trips to the farm or wherever up on the innernets these days, so there was no shortage of footage of geese. LD was transfixed. i think we must have looked at 15 different videos in the space of 1/2 hour and still he wanted more. He was getting super sleepy, though, and it was nap time. During each video, he would point at the screen and say, very matter-of-factly, “Geese. Geese. Geese.,” just in case we forgot what we were watching. Sometimes if a goose did something particularly exciting (like fly, for example, that totally blew his baby mind since thus far we had only seen geese walking or swimming), he’d excitedly exclaim “GEESE! GEESE!” Once there was a video of people walking around a parking lot full of geese. The poor kid’s mind was blown wide open as he didn’t have enough breath to indicate that there were both geese AND cars (his other favorite thing to do is point out cars). GEESE! CAR! CAR! GEESE! CAR! I thought his head would explode.


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