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My Body is a Jerk

Sometimes I hate my body. Most often when a chick says such a thing, it means she thinks she’s too fat, or her boobs are too small/large whatever. I personally don’t care that much about that sort of stuff, especially this week. I hate my body because it is rebelling against me and seems to be doing whatever it can to make my normal slackerish self even less productive. I know this is mostly psycho-somatic and stuff, but it’s really annoying. I mean, I can’t freaking breathe in this apartment. Literally. It feels like there’s a fat cat sitting on my lungs and I can’t get any breath in or out. I keep hacking up this nasty tasting stuff that is clear, but tastes like a cross between seaweed and pickled herring. And not in a good way (I love seaweed and pickled herring, but not when it’s essence is being hacked from my respiratory system). I tried to neti pot out my nasal cavity which is an awesome thing, though it sounds gross if you’ve never done it (pour warm brackish water in one nostril up through your sinuses out the other), but I can’t get it to work since my nasal passages are way too clogged up (I tried for an hour doing all sorts of things to loosen up the snot to no avail). Plus today my stomach is hurting too. I can’t think of what I can eat to make it chill out because the thought of food is slightly nauseating right now.

I always saw humanity as being full of two kinds of people, those who see their brains as being there to tell them how to take care of their bodies (athletes, fitness enthusiasts, pretty much all the students on my trip to Ireland except moi) and nerds, who think that their body is there to be a kind of unreliable limo to chauffeur their brains around. I know that there is a happy medium, but I’ve always taken my good health for granted. I am generally a healthy person and always have been! It’s just that every now and then my 80 zillion petty little annoying largely unfixable problems (i.e., allergies, IBS, TMJ whatever) start ganging up on me and conspire to make me even less productive than my normally fairly lackadaisical self can be.

Basically, I need to finish packing up my stupid apartment so I can move today! I went over to the new place yesterday to paint and the lack of subterranean mold and suburban vegetation made it so I can breathe beautifully! However, back in North Cambridge I would like to get some boxes packed, but would settle for just being able to inhale some oxygen and exhale some CO2 without having to think about it.


Oh, and in other news, I actually went on a date the other day. The dude actually seems pretty cool! We seem to have similar opinions on many things that nerds hold dear. I’m waiting to discover that he’s actually a robot sent to infiltrate the planet and the date was actually him harvesting some of my less useful organs and then erasing my memory.

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Alas, poor grocery store

I’m not one to wax poetic about Days of Yore. My grandmother could spend hours lamenting the deaths of stores she used to shop in and could pinpoint everything she ever bought at one of them. I, however, do not hold monuments to consumerism on this level of reverence. I really could care less, especially in the world of chain stores, who buys out who, why and where.

But, it did give me a tiny twinge of sadness in my Central New York bred heart when I read that the P&C grocery stores went bankrupt and have been bought out by Tops, a chain from Buffalo. The P&C was all over Central NY and wherever I lived, there was always one in the town. It makes me sad to lose out on this bit of “history” (ok, they’ve only been around since the 1940s) for this one important reason: Now, generations of school children will never know the answer to the Eternal Question…

Where was the glass toilet invented?

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Being Old Is Awesome Sometimes

So I’m on staycation because Laura, Jack and the Little Dude are all at their medieval camping event down in Pennsylvania. Because I’m not working this week, I’ve been getting all sorts of things accomplished for the move in a couple of weeks and that is all dandy. However, last night I just wanted to go dancing. So, I did! Being old is awesome because I can go out and dance by myself all night and really don’t give a shit what I look like or who sees me. Basically, I’m not trying to impress anyone, so who cares? The night at Great Scott in Allston was a new one, so people weren’t really in the groove about what it’s about yet. Also, they were the typical northeastern types who are just kind of uptight to begin with. They were mostly in their 20s and I could see them checking me out to see what my deal was. I mean, a chick showing up at a dance club alone must be, like, a hooker or desperate to get booty or something, right? When they realized I was just there to dance, people [i.e. chicks] stopped whispering to each other (it’s a pretty small place and there weren’t a whole lot of people on the tiny dance floor) and just ignored me. Which is exactly what I wanted! Thus I drank a lot and danced all night and had a ton of fun. ROCK ON! Afterwards I was riding my bike home and wasn’t sure I could make it all the way so I stopped in at Jack & Laura’s because the lights were on and hung out with Rob for a while until I sobered up enough to ride home. by then it was 4:30 a.m. I haven’t seen 4:30 a.m. in a long time! It was awesome. I should go dancing again soon, except my old bones are kind of sore from all the merriment. So, after I snort some Geritol and get a new hip, I should be good to go!

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