(Probably the) Last Post from Thailand

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Leaving Thailand the day after tomorrow. Actually, we begin the process of leaving tomorrow. We’re taking the night bus to Bangkok, which should arrive around 6:00 a.m. and then hopping a plane to Hong Kong, then another plane to JFK. Then overnight in NYC and a plane to Boston on Monday. So, tomorrow night will be spent on a bus, and the night after on a plane. Whatever I put on to wear tomorrow will be what I’m wearing for the next 3 days, so I’d better like it! I’m going to enjoy my last night in a bed for a while!

Thailand was pretty awesome. I truly feel like I’m on another planet. I’ve been to Europe, and lots of cities there could be anywhere. Nowhere in Thailand did anything look remotely familiar, which was pretty awesome!

I got a tattoo here– it was how one book of Mikala’s translated BACON– it’s actually just the word for “pork,” which itself is a compound word made from “pig” and “meat” This totally cracks me up! I always joked about getting a Chinese tattoo, but instead of “love” or “peace” or whatever stupid thing people get (or think they are getting), I’d get “toaster” or “spicy hunan beef” or something. However, this would only be funny to me. Now I have an in-joke with myself in Thai, which, unlike Chinese, doesn’t have billions of people in the world who can read and be confused by it!

While I was getting my tattoo, the dude doing it was blasting Rammstein, which was weirdly fitting. It seemed to add to the already weird experience of having a word in a language I can’t read permanently added to my body in a foreign country by a guy who spoke almost no English. Rammstein. Heh.

Today we went around to a bunch of islands on a long-tail boat (I’ll post a picture of what that is later). The islands are ridiculously gorgeous and so postcard-esque I almost thought I was looking at a movie; that they had rolled it all in for tourists. The term “tropical paradise” was made for this place!

I also got to hold a tarsier the other day! TWICE! There are these dudes walking around with tarsiers. Tourists go up to them and go crazy and they they charge 100 Baht (~$3) to take pictures with them. I’ll admit I did pay for pictures once. The second time I just played with the tarsier. OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! They are also one of the most endaangered species on the planet, and it’s probably totally illegal to have them as pets but… uh… I GOT TO HOLD A TARSIER!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! That was the highlight of my trip!

So, bye-bye Thailand. I’ll miss you. I’ve been to Asia now; I have only 3 continents left to visit (South America, Australia, Antarctica). I don’t think I’ll come back to Asia anytime soon, so bye bye Asia!


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