I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

May 3, 2012 at 4:40 pm 1 comment

Since I’m adopted, I have always kind of wondered about my ethnic background. I mean, the info sheet that came with me says I’m Vietnamese, and that I have 12 uncles in Vietnam none of whom wear glasses. That’s pretty much all the info I have besides that my dad was 20 when I was born and he worked in a warehouse. Lately, DNA testing has been the thing to do, so when Pauline, this friend of Terrence’s pointed out a Groupon for a test, I jumped on it.

So I swabbed out my cheeks, sent in the swab, waited impatiently for over a week for the results and… they finally came in. I am


According to the test.

Granted, the test is on mitochondrial DNA, so they can only see what your mother’s side is like. Also, this company only shows you what populations of the world have DNA the most similar to yours. So Puerto Ricans are the population who is most half Vietnamese? Weird.

If I am Puerto Rican, I will embrace it wholeheartedly. I just think there is some kind of a mistake going on and want a second opinion! Being adopted, I have had all sorts of fantasies about my background– that I’m really the long lost daughter of Yoko Ono, that I’m really the heiress to the kingdom on some unknown island in the South Pacific, etc. But Puerto Rican? Weird!


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  • 1. Joseph Jaquinta  |  May 4, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    I think consumer reports tested these agents. They sent swabs from the same person to each of them and they came back wildly different. So don’t give up your dreams. Just wait for the next groupon and send to another agency until they tell you want you want. After all, it was a cheek-swab. It just may be that you recently ate a Puerto Rican.


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