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Brain: back to normal?

Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but my brain is feeling much better. I feel like I’m almost back to my old self again. Except… I feel like my old self that was on anti-depressants. That is, not depressed. But then when I’m depressed, is that my normal self, or is it my normal self clouded by depression? Anti-anti-depressant people are always bringing this up.

A professor that I worked for at Harvard had this cartoon hanging on his door:

It’s funny, but is it true? Does depression cause artisticness?

Truthfully? I don’t give a shit, because I feel a whole lot better!


Physically, this trip back down Lexapro Lane is taking a bit of a toll. It feels like my heart is racing. I woke up this morning at 4 a.m. actually contemplating going to the E.R. because elevated heart rates aren’t great. I decided to look on the internet first… which may either calm me down or convince me that I have bubonic plague. Luckily it calmed me down. I took my pulse and it was normal. I just feel kind of wired. I also feel really nauseous to the point where I’ve lost 4 lbs in 3 days. NO LIE. This can’t be healthy! I’ve gone down a hole and a half on my belt. Being a chick, I’m not complaining, but still, nausea is not fun. Terrence made a ginormous pan of bacon this morning and I could only eat one piece and still felt like barfing it up. I still have not had any pumpkin pie that Tanya made last night. Oh well. Could be worse! I feel mentally excellent, so there.

When I went off the drugs due to stupid insurance problems (see a couple of posts ago), I got a weird surge of energy and I’ve kind of been surfing that for a while. I’ve been sewing stuffed animals up a storm and I cleaned my room (I mean CLEANED. Dusted, sorted crap, the whole nine yards) and cleaned and sorted out the vestibule and front hall. I’m kind of worried that I will lose my productive mojo and turn into a lazy tired slob like I was before. Well, we’ll see if that happens. As of now I’m still inspired to do shit. Jo & Stacy gave me a zillion kilos of catnip, so I volunteered to make catnip toys for the SPCA, who apparently is psyched to get them. I’ve also been commissioned to make a vulva-shaped cat toy for Jen, which has proven to be a little challenging. I’m not happy with my vulvar prototypes so far. However, it does lead to some interesting conversations, like… “do you think the labia majora need to be more crinkly?” It cracks *me* up anyway.

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Someone managed to hack this account and post some ad. I didn’t read it, but come on REALLY?!?!

ok, so hacking things isn’t that hard. But if you post an ad for laptops or whatever on someone’s blog, I think there’s a good chance the people reading it (in this case, all 3 who meant to be here and didn’t just happen upon this because they typed UNDERAGE LESBIAN GOAT ANAL SNUFF SCHEISSE PORN into Google) are going to take one look and say “whoa, someone’s account got hacked. Bummer.” Not “whoa, what a deal on iPads– I can get one for just 87 rubles? (or whatever) SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!”

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Protected: Where do I find these people?

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Allston: Not Everyone’s Bag

I love Allston, I realize it’s not everyone’s dream land. People bitch about the hooliganism of the omnipresent students, the general griminess, the crime rate, whatever. However, I like being able to stand in line at the post office for an hour (with two people ahead of me) and hear people attempt to communicate in 12 different languages! I think that’s cool! Which brings me to the events of the other day:

I was outside getting some air, when, from down the block I hear a male voice yell


Are there punks in the neighborhood? That might be cool. Punks are a dying breed, but I’ve actually been seeing groups of old school ’77-looking punks around, purple mohawks and everything.

…but maybe he was yelling


Are there old Jewish guys in the neighborhood? That might be cool– everyone seems to be either a student or a Chinese family. There are a couple of token townies around here, but some diversity might be nice.

Then I heard the dude again. This time he yelled


Great, so it was just some white kid bossing around the Hispanic dude doing his yard work. Much less diverse than it should be.

On another note, Allston has its very own serial arsonist! He (or she) started last year and is mainly limited to torching cars, though last weekend (s)he set a bunch of construction waste in our neighbor’s backyard on fire. It’s ALL in ALLSTON!

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Why it might be good for American culture if Sarah Palin were president

I’m not saying Sarah Palin would make a good president. In fact, she is such an incompetent stooge, the country might explode if she were to actually decree anything, and I’m sure some other nation would nuke us just to put us out of our misery the second she attempted any kind of foreign policy.

HOWEVER, it may be good for culture as a whole to see a woman in charge. Why not a competent, intelligent woman, like Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren? Because they are liberals, and no matter how much Fox News bitches about things, the whole myth of the liberal bias in the media is bullshit. Also: nobody likes smart people. Smart people are a threat to America. In short, although they would probably be awesome for the country, they would get torn to shreds by the media. Hillary already got ripped apart as the First Lady, she doesn’t need every media eye on her 24/7 nitpicking her hairstyles or fashion statements anymore. Hillary hating was the national pasttime for a while.

But, if the person in charge were Sarah Palin, the media would probably not focus on what a bitch she was, how fat she was, how she’s spending Our Tax Dollars™ on haircuts or whatever. Whenever a woman has any position of authority, you always start hearing about what a “bitch” she is to her employees or whatever. You’ve heard the stories– how Martha Stewart punched some lackey for a random petty reason, or how Barbra Streisand threw a hissy fit because of whatever. There were even stories going around about how Mother Teresa was a giant asshole to her underlings. Nobody cares if, say, Rupert Murdoch or Newt Gingrich are dicks to their employees; somehow women are supposed to get ahead by being *nice*. RIGHT. Anyway, I always saw these stories as grasping at straws, trying to discredit women when you can’t think of anything else.

That’s why Sarah Palin would be good for the culture as the First Woman President. Fox News wouldn’t feel the need to constantly dis on her for small petty reasons.  They would actually have to praise her, uterus and all! I don’t think sexist jerks would ever think that a woman is doing a good job, but at least conservative sexist jerks would try to give her a chance. She would be out there preaching to the masses about how them gays were going to hell and stuff and dragging the country with them, and rich old white guys couldn’t really disagree. Maybe they’d even have a molecule more respect for women that do a Man’s Job.

Sure, Miss Alaska would set women’s rights back decades for the already converted, but maybe she would make a small modicum of difference for hard-liners.

I would probably sooner shoot off my own kneecaps than vote for her, but if we had to have a Republican in office, maybe it would be better to be her in all her creepy reactionary incompetence than some rich old white dude who hates women AND doesn’t happen to be one.

Or, we could just wait for all the old people to die off. Studies have shown that people of my generation and younger are less religious, homophobic, sexist and racist. Maybe we should just send all the old people to death camps when they turn 70. I know that would save a lot on Medicare, which apparently is draining the system, if you listen to conservatives.

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