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I’m in Love With The Modern World

People often idealize the past. In my childhood, the 1950s were always held up as the paragon of When Things Were Perfect. Sure, the 1950s had a lot of things on this list, but I sure as heck wouldn’t want to have lived back then. Hanging out with a lot of SCA people and others who are into historical re-enactment has made me aware every time someone says “OH YEAH, well in the 12th/19th/WHATEVER CENTURY, WOMEN/MINORITIES/MEN/CHILDREN/WOMBATS could do _______!” Maybe so, but I enjoy living right here and now for the following reasons…

1. antibiotics

2. women’s rights, both on paper and [more than in past eras at least] in cultural practice.

3. air conditioning

4. central heating

5. electricity

6. ability to get sushi in the grocery store

7. the fact that I know ceviche exists and I can find places to acquire it (this is also kind of a class-based thing, I know)

8. the internet (for all its faults; it’s still awesomely mind-blowing to have the world’s repository of knowledge at your fingertips)

9. refrigeration (it’s been around for a while, but still, in the history of humans, that’s just the blink of an eye)– seriously. Think about it– what was life like before refrigeration? We spend probably 0% of our time thinking about how to preserve food to make it last. Now we can be fat and happy and devote all those brain cells to looking at stupid pictures of cats on the internet!

10. freedom from religion. no really, the next time someone complains that Christmas is too omnipresent/there’s a War on Christmas, just think about the Spanish Inquisition.

11. anesthesia — maybe I should just make a separate category for “modern medicine” (yes, I’ve been watching all these BBC medical dramas that take place in the Victorian/Edwardian eras)

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And the Nominations are In… #1

By me, of course. In a fit of nostalgia, i’m going to nominate the Videos That Sum up the 80s the Best. By “the best” I mean “in the most hilarious ways possible.”

Journey, “Separate Ways”
here are some highlights:
nobody ever actually looks at the chick who’s meaningfully stomping around the warehouse.

Did I mention the entire thing takes place on the ground of a warehouse?


0:53 I can’t tell if the air-drummer is actually sitting on a real stool or on an air stool. Either way it’s impressive.

0:56 more air synthing– the guy looks like he’s at an air scratching post.

1:31 The drummer is wearing a ripped-off collar sweatshirt advertising a foosball tournament.

1:44 the awesome grimace on the keyboard guy’s face

1:55 you finally see the chick who’s stomping around’s face. WOW HER AMAZING SQUARE PUFFY MULLET HAIR!

2:18 Whoa, extreme close-up of Steve Perry’s teeth!

2:22 Steve saunters backwards through a maze of pallets, but not without a quick look behind him to make sure he doesn’t smack into machinery.

2:31 two guys are facing each other singing with the chick in the middle. They are not looking at her.

2:45 synchronized head turn!

3:12 Bass dude’s got a Steinberger! SO JEALOUS!!! He shows off some sweet moves

3:51 keyboard guy has his keyboard mounted sideways on a wall again. The 80s were a tough time– it’s hard to look cool while playing a synthesizer. One had to break new ground!

the end: was it all a dream?!?!?!

I LOVE this song. Seriously. I love Journey, and I don’t care who knows. I realize I lose like 85% of whatever small shreds of indie street cred I ever had by admitting this, but I do! I also realize that I get most of my dance moves from Steve Perry. I just realized this this moment. I can’t dance for shit, and I mostly flail my arms and occasionally make fists. This video must have imprinted on my subconscious somehow.

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