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My 3-month odyssey of acquiring health insurance reached a pinnacle of stupidity today. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! Warning: this is boring. I’m just writing it down to clear my head.


December 2012: Four Seasons Greenery, the plant company I work for, is sold to New England Foliage. My hours, wage, accounts, everything remain exactly the same.

January 2013: New England Foliage changes the payroll over to a 2-week pay cycle instead of the 1-week cycle Four Seasons had. They forget to pay me every other week for 4 weeks.

February 2013: Commonwealth Care sends me a notice that I need to submit a form verifying my change of employment (apparently because the company changed hands it’s considered a change of jobs). However, I DON’T GET THIS MAIL BECAUSE MY ROOMMATES ARE LAZY SLOBS WHO THROW ALL THE MAIL ON THE TABLE AND THEN GETS BURIED AND SHOVELED ELSEWHERE

March 2013: I get a notice that my insurance is about to be cancelled. Of course I don’t get this either, see reason above.

April 2013: I go to renew a prescription and am informed by the pharmacy that my insurance is cancelled. I call the company and find out what’s happened. I call Commonwealth Care and they tell me I need to send in a new form which includes pay stubs.

April 2013: New England Foliage figures out they forgot to pay me for 4 weeks and sends me a paycheck making up for the extra hours.

April 2013: all my medication runs out, with no refills, but I can’t even get a refill and pay the non-insurance price for them ($200 some odd) because they won’t let me see my doctor without first seeing the therapist and I can’t afford all these appointments out of pocket.

April 2013: Commonwealth care amazingly sends the form I need in the mail 2 days after I call! I fill it out and FAX (they need to be faxed, causing me to panic since I have no idea where a fax machine is, then I learn you can do this over the internet!) the required 2 pay stubs from each job. Nowhere does it say that you only send in *one* pay stub for a job that pays bi-weekly. I send two, including the one with the make-up hours.

May 2013: Commonwealth care counts the bi-weekly pay as weekly and determine I make too much money for insurance and am no longer eligible. I fax in a new pay stub and explain what’s going on. It apparently takes 56 business days to get this reviewed. In the mean time, I have Health Safety Net, which is only accepted in approved state-run clinics. The clinic closest to my house has a waiting list for new patients and even then you can only make appointments for 2 weeks in the future. Jack, my boss, says this is stupid and offers to pay the difference in what I paid for the state-subsidized insurance to the actual cost.

May 2013: I apply for NON-SUBSIDIZED health care, pay the premium and manage to fax the form I need from Commonwealth Care saying I am no longer eligible in on time! I SEND A CHECK WHICH GETS CASHED. Insurance is slated to begin June 1.

June 3, 2013: I call Commonwealth Choice (who the unsubsidized insurance goes through) to see what my member ID# is so I can make an appointment with the therapist so I can make an appointment with the doctor and get my meds refilled. They tell me everything is awesome on their end, but I have to call Fallon Health Care (the actual insurance company that is contracted by Commonwealth Choice) to get my number. I call Fallon and am not in their system. They tell me they will get my info to the enrollment office and have them give me a call.

Fallon calls me and tells me I am not eligible for Commonwealth Care (DUH I’ve known this since March) and can’t get Fallon Health care and so I should call Commonwealth Choice back.

Commonwealth Choice is closed by the time I get off the phone with them.

AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! I’ve been taking half-doses of meds since April and I only have 5 pills left. I am SO SICK OF THIS BULLSHIT.


Yes, the same roommates who WIPE THEIR MUDDY FEET all over the bath rugs I JUST SCRUBBED CLEAN. When they told me TWICE they would stop doing that (I asked them to stop nicely, already). The same ones WHO SCOOP SUGAR OUT OF THE SUGAR BOWL WITH THE SUGAR SPOON, STIR THEIR COFFEE AND THEN PUT THE FUCKING SPOON BACK IN making the sugar all clumpy and gross and the spoon all crusty and smell WHEN I ALREADY ASKED THEM NOT TO AND THEY AGREED TO STOP.

I am so sick of being jerked around by health insurance companies and so sick of living with roommates. FUCK EVERYTHING!!!

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