Argh Health Care Again

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The American health care system is made to screw people. No insurance company wants to actually pay for things, so they make it as impossible as they can to get any coverage. It’s compounded if you have the cheap insurance that forces you to go to low-rent medical care places.

I’ve had the nice, swanky insurance before. You don’t have to constantly be jumping through hoops in order to get things done. On the other side, the customer service is way better, probably because they have more money to hire more people and properly train them so they are not overworked and cranky all the time. Thus, you can get conflicts and questions resolved in a more timely manner than with the crappy insurance.

So now I have new insurance. It costs way more than the old insurance, yet also the co-pays are more. For a doctor’s office visit I have to pay a co-pay of $25 now instead of $14, like the last place. Also, medication is $25 instead of $12 for the one drug I was on and $14 for the other one. So, now I have to pay $50 just for the privilege of getting refills on my prescriptions every month (the ghetto clinic requires one to see a therapist in order to see a person who can prescribe you drugs, so I have to go to twice the appointments than I would if I went to a place that just hired psychiatrists that could provide both services, but these places are impossible to get appointments at). And the drugs themselves are now $50 per month instead of the old $26. Oh yeah, the prescriptions are administered by yet another company, so I have to call them and have a separate insurance card (which of course I haven’t gotten yet) just to get drugs.

The latest exciting hurdle in all this is now I need a “prior authorization” form for one of the drugs I’ve been taking for at least one year. This means I have to bring some form to the doctor’s office and have them contact the insurance company to let them know it’s OK for me to be on this drug (that I’ve been taking for over a year). Obviously I have all the time in the world to go running around to different offices to get forms to make sure I’m not trying to game the system! This will take 3-5 business days to go through. What the hell, my prescription already ran out 6 weeks ago, what’s another week of waiting?

I also need a “prior authorization” for birth control, apparently because god forbid anyone try to not get pregnant without as many hurdles as possible. Ironically, this insurance also doesn’t cover abortions, so I think they WANT me to get pregnant. That doesn’t make any sense since then they’d have to cover prenatal exams and hospitals for delivery and all that good stuff. What am I saying? They probably don’t cover any of these things anyway. Plus, there’s a $2000 deductible, so I’m not about to seek medical care for anything anyway. I have almost $2000 in my savings account, and it’s taken me years to amass this much money! I think of it as my Travel Budget and that I’m going to use it to go someplace cool for a vacation, but I know I will just end up blowing it all on rent when I’m unemployed in September. Since it will only cover like 2.5 months of rent, I don’t want to think about it.

So basically, the American Health Care system AND my life are both total bullshit.

Republicans don’t think that we should have state health care because why should poor people be healthy? Fuck ’em, they’re obviously poor because they’re lazy. However, how will the rich maintain their lifestyles if all the poor people die because of bad health? Who will clean their pools? Who will fix their cars, work in their factories, buy their products and consume their mass media? Rich people, admit it– you need the great unwashed classes in order to stay on top. You need someone to exploit– why keep them sick and miserable? Is it because the blood of the working class is an expendable, highly renewable resource? Maybe THAT’S why they’re so against birth control and abortion– they need to be sure there will always be a disposable impoverished class whose backs they can stand on!

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FUCK THE US HEALTH CARE SYSTEM! No, seriously. Headache Cat

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