Big Country!

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I got to see Big Country this week!!! If you’ve ever met me for longer than 47 seconds, you probably know that Big Country is my all time favorite band. I’ve been listening to them since I was about 10. In their heyday, I lived in the middle of nowhere, and they never played any concerts near me. The year after I moved to Boston, their lead singer, Stuart Adamson, committed suicide. I thought my chances of ever seeing Big Country live were dashed.

However, they reformed a couple of years ago, with Mike Peters from the Alarm as their singer. I was a little dubious at first; I mean how could they still be a band without Stuart Adamson? Then Tony Butler, the bassist retired. He was one of my musical idols too. What? How could this be?

But, I have been waiting to see Big Country for now around 30 years, so I went to the show. It was awesome!!! Bruce Watson and his son Jamie nailed the guitar parts! Derek Forbes, who played bass with Simple Minds was really good too. Mark Brzezicki is a god on drums, and he was amazing as ever. Mike Peters isn’t my favorite singer on earth, but what he lacked in Stuart Adamson-ness, he made up for with enthusiasm and sincerity. All in all, I was a grinning ball of drooling fangirl stupidity! I brought a copy of the 7″ of “Fields of Fire” I had for people to sign. I always feel creepy and stalkerish asking people to sign things (I’ve done it like 3 other times in my life), but now I have a signed cover. I am psyched!

They played most of the songs on “The Crossing,” plus the song “Look Away,” and “Wonderland” as well as some songs from their new album. Mike Peters injected some local flavor into the songs by occasionally mentioning Boston or Massachusetts at opportune moments. One of the funniest moments was during “Wonderland,” when he said “This is Wonderland, BOSTON!” He probably didn’t realize that Wonderland is the last stop on the Blue Line, and also a now-abandoned dog racing track. Rock on!



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