Rock ‘n’ Roll Hair and music

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I saw the Melvins tonight, and they were awesome! I think there was a minimum height requirement of at least 6′ to get in, though. Everyone there was so freaking TALL! I was standing behind this one guy who was like 9 feet tall with really long fluffy hair, who kept tossing it like a teenage girl. I inhaled his hair a few times by accident, but it was so long, I doubt he felt anything. It made me sneeze. 

What I mostly saw the back of the dude in front of me’s shirt that said “Martha’s Vineyard Co-ed Naked Lacrosse Team” on it. Wow, I had no idea they still made those Co-ed Naked ____ shirts! Blast from the past! Are they ironic now? 

And speaking of hair, I totally want hair like Buzz Osborne’s: 



I always wanted hair like Scary Spice or Sideshow Bob. Having Asian hair, though, this would prove impossible, no matter how many bad perms I ever got.

Truthfully, I never really listened to the Melvins back in the Day. I went to this show because Doug was really into them, and I listened to an album today and I really liked it. Back In The Day I lived in the middle of nowhere, and I’ll blame my lack of having ever heard them on that. I was way into Black Flag and lesser punkish bands like Agent Orange and Anti-Flag in high school; I probably would have totally dug the Melvins! I only knew about the above mentioned bands because of one radio show one DJ had on a college station in my town. Basically, I ended up liking everything he liked because it was all I heard! I really liked this one song by a band called Complicated Bone Marrow Transplant, which I don’t think ever actually existed because I can’t find any trace of it anywhere. Maybe I dreamed it. It’s on a mix tape I made somewhere. Anyway, the Melvins filled that little hole in my heart that can only be filled by loud, primal music. The show was awesome! You could feel the air– I guess it was that loud. The air was vibrating; it was pretty cool. They had two drummers! And not in a hippie way! Awesome!


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