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Ever since I was a little kid, whenever I pictured myself as the archetypal “grown-up,” it always included having twin daughters with red curly hair. I don’t know where this came from; with my genetic make-up I’m sure I couldn’t produce curly red-haired offspring even if I were impregnated by Ronald McDonald himself. Anyway, this was a recurring theme in my life for most of my childhood and teenage years. In my ultimate What I’m Going To Do When I Grow Up fantasy as a teen, I lived in a lighthouse on a cliff surrounded by uninhabited rocky plains with my twin red haired daughters and taught archaeology at an unnamed university (that happened to be near a wasteland with a lighthouse of course). The daughters never had a father and I never had a husband in these fantasies; I’m not sure where I thought I was going to acquire genetically improbable twins without the aid of male intervention (these were definitely my biological kids in the fantasy; as an adopted person that was apparently important). I think in some versions, the baby daddy dies tragically before the twins were born.

Anyway, I haven’t thought about this in years! Last night, though, I dreamed about this life I cooked up for myself as a child and I finally named the twins! In my dream, I came up with the perfect names for them: Vera and Vesna. For some reason, the fact that the names could be pronounced in both English and Croatian was a big plus in my dream. Vera has been one of my favorite names for a long time now. Vesna is a name from Slavic mythology for a spirit of springtime. It means “messenger.” So there you have it. I woke up from this dream thinking it was super significant for some reason. I don’t think in my fantasies I ever named these kids, which is odd because I’m so obsessed with names. When I was little I think I called them Alisa and Alicia, because those were my favorite names (gak!) I even invented a new name for a stuffed animal: Alisalicia because I couldn’t decide which name to give it. 

I generally don’t put a lot of stock in dreams, but when I woke up, my first thought was YOU MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!! So I did. There you have it. Vera and Vesna.


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