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Whining Again!

I’m going to get all my whining out so I don’t have to again today. I’ve been feeling really stressed out– working 2 jobs, one with a shitty commute that can only be done by car. Still poor, Unemployment is still thinking about whether or not they’re going to give me any money (it’s been almost 12 weeks; they said 3-7 weeks originally for a decision). Here are my gripes for the day…

  1. WinAmp sucks and keeps crashing, so I downloaded iTunes, which also sucks, but at least doesn’t crash as much.
  2. I just want to burn a new CD to listen to in the car, since I’ll be sitting in stop-and-go traffic for like 2 hours to get to work, but my CD burner says every one of my blank discs is corrupted.
  3. My car doesn’t go into first gear anymore. When you put the shifter in the position that first gear is normally in, it goes into 3rd gear. It’s also being a jerk about going into reverse.
  4. My mouse is refusing to move the cursor up.
  5. In order to get health insurance, I have to print out some forms to send in; but I don’t have a printer.
  6. My therapist just quit my doctor’s office, so I have to find a new one… but I don’t have insurance so what’s the point?
  7. My drug-prescribing person quit a few months ago, but instead of assigning me a new one, the doctor’s office sent my file into Deep Off-Site Storage, never to return.
  8. Working at home is awesome! However, it sort of sucks that you can be reached any time and can work on stuff any moment of the day or night.
  9. My IBS is giving me headaches and causing me to see double (it does that; don’t ask). Also, I couldn’t keep any food down yesterday, and can’t really eat that much. Despite that, I’ve gained 5 lbs. I JUST WANT TO POOP!!!
  10. my TMJ is smacking against my eustachian tubes, causing shooting pains to stab into my ears. It’s most unpleasant.
  11. I only have 3 pairs of jeans: one pair is getting threadbare in places, one has stupid useless pockets, and the last pair is just ugly but super comfortable. I own only 3 bras, all of which have dying elastic straps. I can’t afford any clothing ever again.
  12. My car’s inspection rejection sticker is about to turn one year old, which means I *really* won’t be able to pass it off as legit anymore. However, in order to get inspected, I need a new windshield (not covered by insurance, of course).
  13. Morrissey needs to go to the vet (he’s sneezy and wheezy), but there’s no way that’s going to happen unless I win the lottery. Douchebag should go too, for a long overdue check-up.
  14. I hate Christmas music, and it’s now officially inescapable.

Have I forgotten any whining? NOW LET’S COUNT THE THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR!! Everyone on Facebook has used this month to tick off all the wonderful things they are thankful for… their ugly children (seriously, my FB friends have been spawning at an alarming rate, and some of those babies are HIDEOUS ALIEN FREAKS!), how they Married Their Best Friend (everyone says this. Barf.), Their Wonderful Family, blah blah blah. I suppose I should say some stuff…


  1. The fact that I’m not homeless (yet).
  2. As far as I know, I don’t have cancer or any other fatal (and/or expensive) diseases.
  3. I currently have all my limbs and digits, and they all work just fine.
  4. My cats have not shit on my bedroom floor in over a week, and they have not peed on anything they’re not supposed to in months!
  5. No meteorological disasters are forecast for the near future.

I’m sure I could come up with some more if I had some booze. 

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